Friday, October 3, 2014

Mining for gold with Friday Fave Five

Okie dokie, this was a pretty tough week.  I won't go into all the sordid details. Let's just say that sometimes you have to really dig to find the blessings, but they are there, which is what FFF is all about.

1.  The week started off on a really good note, when Dan and I took a drive through the mountains.  The views were spectacular!  We grabbed some coffee for the drive, I took a bunch of pictures, and we had lunch in Breckenridge, once of my favorite mountain towns. 

2.  On Tuesday, I was able to get the lenses replaced in my prescription sunglasses -- after wrestling the salesman to the floor and telling him that he better, or else. . . not really, but he wasn't being very nice.

3.  On Wednesday, Dan and I went to dinner and a comedy show with our friends.  I love this group of friends.  They have been in our lives for as long as we've been married -- in fact, some even longer -- and when I think of the word 'friend', these are the faces that come to mind.  We're truly blessed to have them in our lives.

4.  On Thursday, I got to see #1 Son for just a little bit.  He gave me a pep talk that I needed to hear, and I wondered how it is that he can be so insightful at his young age. 

5.  Today, I took Lilly to the groomer, and she is all trimmed and pretty and doesn't smell bad anymore.  I am really grateful for that! (We still don't know what she rolled in:/)

Now, that wasn't such a bad week, was it?!

If you'd like to share your favorites for the week, link up with Susanne and the rest of the crew!


Mari said...

I'm sorry for the tough week and hope next week is better!
You found some good things though, and got some wonderful pictures!

Leslie said...

well.. you've certainly found the bright spots in your week. Wishing you a peaceful Sunday and a great new week. : )

Melinda said...

Some weeks are tougher than
others but you were able
to find great things.

Hope the upcoming week is better.

M :)

Mereknits said...

This is what I love about you, even in a tough week you look for the positives side of things. I have had a rough few days myself, not fun at all.
Hugs and hope this week is much better for you,

Susanne said...

So sorry for the tougher week but so glad you still chose to look for some good things, Karen! How wonderful that your son was able to be the one giving uplifting words. It's awesome when our kids can pick up that role when they are grown. What a blessing it is to have friends that go way back with you. The pictures are utterly lovely! Praying this next week eases up a bit for you.

Kelly said...

Haha - it was good to see you on Wednesday! You have some great golden aspen pictures! When our sheltie was alive, he loved to roll in poop of some sort. I don't know who hated the baths more - him or us Plus you have to take care of the smelly dog right then and there, no matter what was the original plan for the day. Ugh! I feel for you.

Willow said...

I love your photos! For this SoCal Girl, autumn doesn't exist so I enjoy seeing your pictures of yellow and orange. I'm glad you weathered the week so well.

Melanie Cook said...

Your autumn colors look beautiful! I sure miss those here in Florida. I'm glad you got your little one groomed. Mandy always looks so cute when she comes back from her doggie salon!