Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

Time for Friday's Fave Five, a great way to wrap up the week! If you'd like to join in, link up at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story.

1.  Dan and I have been watching Ken Burns' The Roosevelts on PBS.  We both enjoy history, and the special is filled with original footage and photographs.  There's a story in our family about my great-grandmother and when she was a little girl, Teddy Roosevelt came to dinner at her house and she sat beside him.  This was before he was president.  It makes history more real, to hear anecdotes like that.  I was probably about her age when she passed away.  I would love to hear the story from her point of view.

2.  A good book.  Run by Ann Patchett.  I like stories that are character driven, and this one kept me reading until late at night.  It's hard to believe that this is the same author who wrote Bel Canto.  The books are so different.  I felt a connection to the characters in this book, and love the way she writes.

3.  I had lunch with a good friend this week.  We met as room mothers when our oldest kids were in Kindergarten.  They became best friends, and our friendship grew, and then their family moved in around the corner, and we became neighbors.  There's such a history between us, we spend a lot of time, "remembering when. . ."

4.  Spending time with my mother-in-law yesterday morning.  It's just in recent years that we've had more opportunities to talk, just the two of us.  She is such a smart, articulate, observant woman.  We have several common interests, including reading, sewing, and the well-being of one very special man who is close to both our hearts:)

5.  I made butternut squash soup this week (the squash is from our garden), with cheesy herb biscuits (a secret recipe), for supper.  Soups and stews and crockpot meals . . . just a few of the things that make autumn my favorite month of all.
Okay, here's the "secret recipe."

To all the other FFF bloggers out there. . . I hope you all had a good week!  Looking forward to stopping by and reading your favorites, too!


Mari said...

We've seen some of that documentary too. Very interesting. I wish I had recorded the ones I missed. It's so cool that your great-grandma met him!

Faith said...

That is so interesting about your great grandmother sitting next to Teddy Roosevelt!! And yay for soups and stews in crockpots....a life saver for my busy work days....but I WILL miss grilling once the snow gets here. LOL
HOw fun to have a lunch date and enjoy time with your mother in law.....always a blessing to connect with family. enjoy your weekend!

Melanie Cook said...

I love to read about history and to find treasures from my ancestors. My grandmother taught a one-room school house in Kansas. I have her school bell which is very loud! I really enjoy Ken Burns' documentaries. I'll have to see if Netflix has this out yet. Very interesting that your great grandmother met Teddy Roosevelt!

Gattina said...

I love old family stories and now I regret so much that I didn't ask my grandma when she was still alive to tell me more, but at that time I was too young to be interested in family histories !

Leslie said...

Great Favorites~ Wow! What a history!!!!

Have a great Suday!!!!

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a lovely week my friend.

Susanne said...

LOL. Gotta love those secret recipes. I don't think that secret recipe is available in my area.

It sounds like you and your mom in law have a lovely and special relationship. As you do with your friend. Lunch with a good friend always is one of my favorite things.

Very interesting about your Roosevelt connection.

Willow said...

I had to laugh about your secret biscuit recipe :)
I'm looking forward to seeing the Roosevelts documentary. Hubby and I are both avid history buffs.