Friday, August 29, 2014

An ordinary week

It's been an uneventful week and sometimes those are the best kind.  Here is my list of things I'm grateful for. 

1.  I started back on my walking routine with my friend Joan.  We both had to take a break for a few months.  Plantar fasciitis for me and a broken foot for her!  So, we're starting out slowly.

2.  I totally canceled out any extra calories burned this week with eating out.  Argh!  Yesterday I met my friend Kathy for breakfast at this place.  I had an open faced omelet topped with goat cheese, spinach, tomato, roasted mushrooms and arugula.  It was to die for and actually quite healthy.  The not-so-healthy was going to the donut shop after exercising on Wednesday:(

3.  A new journal.

4.  Finding this website and writing some letters.  Such a great idea and I feel blessed to get to be a part of it.

5.  I'll leave you with a picture. This little guy feebly crawled on my pen yesterday morning.  After observing him for a little while, I gently placed him in the flower garden. 


How was your week? If you'd like to share, link up for Friday Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On my mind

It seems that Summer has decided to take a little break. We've had cooler temperatures all week and breezy nights that have been great for sleeping with the windows open.  It's nice to have that touch of fall for the first week of school.  Our street is very active now in the mornings and mid-afternoon, with the kids from the high school traveling back and forth.  It's one of those ironies in life that, now that we live only a block from the high school, none of my kids is attending.  All those years of getting them to and from school, life is funny that way.

I've mentioned my trip to Hawaii and yes, I'm excited!  My niece plays volleyball for the University of New Mexico and they have some pretty tough travel duty (ahem), like going to Hawaii for five days.  My sis-in-law, Jenny, and I are going to tag along and add on a few days for an extended stay. I'm going in the true spirit of island living, and taking one small bag with a few changes of clothes and several swimsuits.  And my journal.  And ipad mini loaded up with books. 

I'm back to planning menus, and boy does it make my life easier, even for just the two of us.  (Luke is working evenings, and on the two nights he doesn't work he's often out with friends.)  Cooking for two is fun and we've been trying some new recipes.  Often times we'll grill some chicken or meat and then make roasted vegetables with whatever is on hand.  Lots of zucchini and eggplant from our garden!

We're coming up on my favorite time of year. Fall is just the best!  I'm looking forward to cooler temps so we can get out in the yard and dig up space for  more gardens!  I have missed having a rose garden this year.  However, a month or so ago, I had occasion to go to our old house to pick something up, and saw that the roses were blooming and beautiful.  My first thought was to be sad that I was missing it.  But, then I felt good about having done something that others are getting so much pleasure from.  That goes for our last two houses -- rose gardens planted and left behind.  This next one is going to be ours to enjoy for a long time:)

I like to collect quotes, so I'll leave you with this one:

Life is one grand, sweet song. So start the music. (Ronald Reagan)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Daybook

 "Every day is a blank page."
FOR TODAY, Monday, August 25, 2014

Outside my window . . .A tad bit cool this morning with cloudy skies.  I sense that Fall is making it's way here, maybe just down the road a bit, suitcase in hand filled with colored leaves, pumpkins and crisp mornings.

I am listening to . . .Zac Brown Band, "Keep Me In Mind."

I am thinking . . .how nice it is to have a day off and nothing on the calendar.  Attacking the to-do list today.

I am thankful . . .for the good life I have.

In the kitchen . . .Bay scallops and tomatoes over spaghetti

I am wearing . . .shorts and flip-flops

I am creating . . .a writing plan. Trying to get some of my stories down on paper.

I am going . . .to Hawaii in one week!  My sister-in-law and I are going on a girls trip to watch my niece in a volleyball tournament and to play in the sun.

I am wondering . . .how I'm going to do the above without checking a bag!  It's going to be a challenge, to travel light and leave all the unnecessary stuff behind.  I'm excited!

I am reading . . . The Confabulist by Steven Galloway

I am learning . . . how to scrap journal.  It's lots of fun, lots of cutting and pasting.

Around the house . . . still working on outside stuff.  Dan put a sidewalk in on the side of the house, and now we're going to landscape that area a bit.
I am pondering . . .my naval.  Sorry.  That's the first thing that comes to mind when I read this prompt, so just had to say it.

A favorite quote for today . . ."If you don't like where you are, move.  You are not a tree."

One Some of my favorite things . . . Blake Shelton songs, Colorado peaches, fun postage stamps.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . breakfast with Kathy, haircut, renew my passport, start walking again with my friend Joan.

A peek into my day . . .I planted an assortment of veggies this year, just to have something in our raised beds that we built in May.  The eggplant is going nuts! They're really good when they're picked small (baby eggplant -- so cute!).  Also zucchini and butternut squash.  The rest of our stuff didn't fare so well.  Note to Marie:  the celery never really took off:( 

The Simple Woman's Daybook is hosted by Peggy.  Click here for the link to join in.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sneaking in with last week's favorites

Before the weekend is over, I want to squeeze in my favorites from last week.  It's an odd assortment, but sometimes that's what life gives you!

1.  Amoxicillin. For the second time this year, I have strep throat.  I'm so grateful for this wonder drug that has me feeling better in a snap.

2.  Bagels and my friend Terry.  It's been way too long since we've seen each other, but when we do make a coffee date, we know just where we're going.  Our favorite bagel shop.

3.  Postage paid catalog returns.  Need I say more?

4.  Getting a mammo -- and knowing I don't have to go again for a whole year.

5.  This photo, taken at a baseball game earlier in the week.  See the heart?

Here's to looking for beautiful moments in the week ahead!
Thank you, Susanne!

Friday, August 15, 2014

This Week's Favorites

1.  It's been a pretty routine week, and that's the first thing I'm grateful for on my list for Friday Fave Five.  On one of my days off I accomplished quite a few chores that needed to be done. . . washed the car, weeded the garden, made a run to Costco.  It feels good to be caught up.

2.  I've had a project in my head for some time now and just can't get it out of the planning phase. This week, I found someone who is going to help me get it organized and going. I'm grateful for the teachers that show up in my life when I need them!

3.  I'm going to copy one of Susanne's favorites and list this post, because I think it should be shared as widely as possible.  It's  given me some "perspectacles" and I hope it does for you, too!  Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt.  Love it!

4.  Our Firstborn started classes today.  After taking a couple years off and working, he's decided to go back to his first love and do something in the medical field.  It's exciting to see my kids figure things out and get excited about their goals.

5.  We had a playful moment in water aerobics yesterday, when our class was 'buzzed' by a hot air balloon!  One of the gals jumped out of the pool to take this photo.  It's been such a hoot having class outdoors this summer.

How was your week?  If you'd like to share, link up with Susanne and the crew at Living to Tell the Story.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I can't believe it's almost the middle of August and I haven't posted since July.  The summer has gone by so fast!  I no longer have kids at home going to school (#1 son is taking classes, but he lives on  his own), so my calendar doesn't change much as far as daily routines go in the fall.  However, I still feel the need to pack as much as I can into the summer before it's over.

Last weekend, Dan and I went to the mountains with a group of friends.  One of the couples has a cabin in the most beautiful spot.  We took a walk one morning.  Lots of pine beetle kill in the area, but already there are little seedlings popping up throughout the area, replenishing the forest.  

We went to the Winter Park Beer Festival, where the weather was gorgeous . . .

. . . until we started to pack up to leave.  That's when the skies opened up and there was a torrential hailstorm.  Hail the size of marbles.  Yes, they hurt!

We had a campfire one night, and I tried to get a photo of the full moon.  It didn't turn out all that great, but here's a glimpse.

We spent the rest of the weekend eating lots of fabulous food, the girls went to a craft sale (twice!) and found some cool stuff, and we all took naps in the afternoon.  I'm sure it was all that fresh air, not anything about how old we're getting or anything.
Our water aerobics class is finishing up the summer with an end-of-the-summer-blitz, going every day for three weeks. The class is a combination aerobics/ornithology class, for all the birds we see.  Besides the ducks that occasionally take a dip in the pool with us (they stay at their end, we stay at ours), we see geese flying overhead, a night heron perched in one of the trees yesterday, and earlier in the week there was a Swainson's Hawk perched on a light post, watching over the class.
I've been working feverishly to stay caught up with my two online classes, while determined to finish James Michener's Hawaii before a trip there in a few weeks.  I like to read about places where I'm traveling, however, I should have given myself a little more time for this one.
Enough rambling.  I'm hitting 'publish'.  Be back soon!