Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm thinking a lot about numbers today.  45. 55. 50. 30.  Thirty.  Thirty years and counting, that's how long Dan and I have been married.  It was June 2, 1984, a gorgeous, sunny, Colorado day, much like today.  The ceremony was at noon, at the Catholic church I attended most of my life. 

The officiant was Fr. Murphy, a short Irish priest with a round, ruddy face and ready smile.  When I think of him, my mind immediately goes to the time Dan and I were in his office at the rectory for one of our pre-Cana meetings.  We were discussing the kind of ceremony we wanted. 

"Now, there's the long version (with a mass)," said Father, "or we can do the short version."

Since my husband-to-be and half of our guests were non-Catholic, I'd already decided to spare them the longer version.  But, before I could say anything, Dan piped up and said, "Well, Father, the way I see it, it's like a girl in a bikini.  You want enough to cover the subject, but brief enough to keep it interesting."

Father's already red face turned brighter red and he burst out laughing.

To celebrate our anniversary this year, Dan and I spent a weekend in the mountains and stayed at a B&B.  After the events of the past few months of moving and settling in and putting in a yard, it was pure heaven to just relax and stroll the streets of the small mountain town, stopping for lunch at one of the rustic taverns.  Sitting on the patio, enjoying the mountain views.  We took a long drive one day, and it reminded me of when we were first dating and would go on jeep trips through the high country of Colorado.  I used to love just sitting beside him in the front seat of his CJ7, sometimes chatting about this that or the other, sometimes in companionable silence, confident that he would handle the steep hills, craggy rocks and narrow roads with ease. 

Back at the B&B the first night, we were delighted that our room offered a sleep number bed! We've been grousing about our lumpy mattress at home for years, threatening to replace it, moving it to the top of the priority list when one of us wakes up with a stiff back, only to move it back down the list when the aches go away. 

The first night we stretched on our respective sides of the bed, Dan with the controller, starting us both at 30, then adjusting up, then down, in search of our respective Numbers.  After 15 minutes of this, I was reluctant to say anything, but I didn't notice a whole lot of difference.  That was when we realized we had the sides mixed up with the controller.  We started again.  I still couldn't tell much difference.  Finally, I just said, "That feels great!"

"My side, too," he said. 

Me: "What Numbers are we?"

Him:  "We're both 50."

A silent moment of disappointment.  This, from a couple who hates it when we both order the exact same thing at a restaurant.  We pride ourselves on our individuality.

Him:  "Well, what the hell's the point of controlling our own sides, if we end up with the same number? [the bed starts pumping and wheezing again]  I'm going to be 55.  You're 45."

And we left it at that.


Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! I love Dan's comment to the priest.
I've always wondered about a sleep number bed. Our mattress is getting bad too, but I bet if we got a sleep number we'd end up just like you did.

Linda Hoye said...

Too funny! I have to smile, because my hubby will change his dinner order if I even hint at ordering the same thing he's considering. Happy Anniversary! Thirty years is something to celebrate!

Susanne said...

Hahaha. Your husband has quite the sense of humor. Love it. My husband and I tend to be total opposites on most things so we'd probably end up at a 10 and 60. LOL. You are making me want to go to the mountains for our upcoming anniversary.

Mereknits said...

Ha that is such a funny story. I would have moved my number just so it would not be the same, my husband would care less. Happy Anniversary to you both, I think it is fantastic you are still so much in love.

Jerralea said...

Happy Anniversary! 30 years is a great accomplishment.

Your husband sounds like he has a sense of humor!

Melinda said...

What a cute post!
Would you buy one of these?

Happy Anniversary!

M : )

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys! Sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing getaway, beautiful picture :)

I've heard more bad than good things about the sleep number beds. We have one friend who ordered one, only to move it to their guest room a couple of months later. Now, every guest complains about it, no one seems to like it :( I've never tried it, so I have no idea, cool that they had one in the B&B for you to test drive!

Oh, and we're very similar in a restaurant setting... if I mention that I'm getting the same menu item as my husband, he magically decides he wants something different! LOL!

Have a great day and weekend :)