Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Six months later

I was gently reminded, over lunch with some friends last Saturday, that according to my blog I am still living in an apartment in the next town over.  Perhaps it's time for an update.

Six months ago, we were in our little apartment, wondering if we would ever find another house to buy. And, when we did, would we have the physical and emotional strength to move yet again.  Packing, hauling everything out of storage that we'd just put into storage, unpacking, and putting all that effort into making yet another house a home. It was just too much to think about.  So, we nestled into our little apartment for the winter.

During the five months that we lived there, I learned that less really is more -- the less space we had to take care of allowed more time for other things. I read some books, took some classes online, finished knitting a pair of socks that had been on the needles for a couple years -- and started another pair.  We invited family over and celebrated Christmas in our tiny space that miraculously grew big enough to hold eight people, three dogs, and one small Christmas tree that stretched its branches over a heap of brightly wrapped packages.

There was a period of time when Dan was traveling out of town during the week, so it was just me and the dogs.  In a way, I had finally found my own little "cottage" from Gift from the Sea. 

In the meantime, the housing market was grim.  I stopped my online searches and left everything in the hands of my capable realtor/friend/walking partner.  And, then one day, we met at the trailhead for our morning walk and she smiled and said, "I've found a house for you."

On March 1st, we moved into our new/old house.  It's old -- 1962 -- brick ranch with a big old back yard.  New -- completely remodeled by the previous owners.  While the inside is beautiful (and now freshly painted in the colors I we like), the outside is a blank canvas. 

So, for the past month we've been fertilizing the yard, planting shrubs in the front yard and drawing up plans for the backyard. 

So much to blog about, over our new Backyard Fence!


Susanne said...

I'm so excited for you! Many blessings in your new home! Love that top picture!

Mereknits said...

I am so happy you found the perfect house and I am SO, So happy to see you are blogging, you have been missed my friend.

Mari said...

Yay! I'm happy for you and will be waiting to see pictures!

Melinda said...

Congratulations! You house and I are the same age. I gues I am old too.

M : )