Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

Friday Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, is always a great way to wrap up the week.  Some special moments from my week:

1.  Lilly rescued a bunny.  On Wednesday, my four-year-old Springer Spaniel, came running in the house, into the living room where I was reading in my favorite overstuffed chair.  Frantic, she barked at me, running back and forth to the door, pleading with me to follow.  (It was a moment right out of Lassie --  "Timmy's in the well!! Timmy's in the well!!").  I hauled myself out of my chair, and followed her outside, where she ran straight for a window well.  We both peered over the edge and, there in the corner, was a teeny-weeny baby bunny, looking very dazed and confused.  After my initial reaction -- "oooh, he's so cute and tiny," -- I thought, now how the heck do I get him out?  The window well was deep -- about five-feet -- so while I went to collect Dan's thick leather work gloves (I don't know, when DO baby rabbits get their teeth?), I pondered not how I would climb down into the well, but how the heck would I get back out?  Meanwhile Lilly was beside herself.  In no time at all, I skooched down there, grabbed the bunny and skooched back out, and placed the little guy under our deck, where I imagined his mother and siblings wide-eyed and on the edge of their seats, taking it all in.  Lilly and I both sighed with relief.

2.  My favorite 20-year-old is turning 21 tomorrow.  The year he was born, his birthday was just before Memorial Day weekend.  Dan and I spent the weekend putting in raised beds, knowing that once we went to collect our precious bundle from the Cradle Home where he spent his first week, we would have little time to work on such things.  Here's one of those full-circle things again. This Memorial Day weekend, when he turns 21. . . we'll be putting in raised garden beds again. 

3.  At my work, I am the office manager for a group of family therapists.  Our small waiting room can be a lively place when our families with small children come in. Yesterday, two of our regulars were there, sprawled out on the floor playing a game. The 10-year-old brother's comments were muffled (as usual), but I could hear his 7-year-old sister's reactions clearly (as usual).  Especially when she came running to my desk, screeching, "He called me an evil sister!"  Clearly, I'm not a therapist.  "Don't listen to him," I said.  "But I can't help it," she wailed.  "Then do this," I said, sticking my fingers in my ears and saying, 'blah,blah,blah."  They went back to their game.  Hey, I'm just the crazy old lady behind the desk.

4.  If you're still with me, the thunderstorms this week have been in incredible.  Heaven must be bowling, moving pianos and clearing rock slides, all at the same time.  Great for sleeping!

5.  Last but not least, the best part of the week has been reconnecting with blogging friends.  Bloggers are just the nicest people!


Jerralea said...

How amazing that your dog would practically force you to rescue that bunny!

Happy Birthday to your son. My favorite 20 year old is turning 21 in a couple weeks, also. I don't like it, I tell ya!

Love the pansies in your blog header! One of my favorite flowers.

Mari said...

We've had some wild storms here too.
Happy Birthday to your son. My son just turned 26. Time flies by too quickly!

Mereknits said...

Bloggers are the nicest people and you are one of them! Love the bunny story, you saved the little ones life!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

"Timmy's in the well" just cracked me up!! Love the bunny story -- your pup must be a smart one. It's graduation season here, and that always reminds me how the years fly by. Hope you have a great week ahead!

Susanne said...

So glad to see you back! I've missed you lovely blog!

I can't get over the fact that you have five foot deep window wells. And I love how your Lilly became a rescue dog for that poor bunny.

Happy birthday to your son!

Kelly said...

Great imagery, Karen! Love Timmy in the well. Thanks for sharing. Tell him happy birthday!

Barbara H. said...

That is amazing that your dog was so concerned about the bunny!

Happy birthday to the new 21 year old!

I can sleep during rain - not so much during thunderstorms.

Melinda said...

Great memoriers of the past week!
All the stories are awesome.
The bla, bla, bla story cracked me up.

Happy Birthday to Mr 21!

M : )


A belated happy birthday to your son!! [my youngest turned 42 this's hard to believe]

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!
I imagine we will see some wild storms this summer--the angels are falling out of bed and breaking all their toys (Questions at Night by Untermeyer).

Your Lassie, I mean Lilly, is a heroine! And so are you for saving that little bunny.

I think your response to the little girl was perfect. :)

And I agree--bloggers are the best--they make my day, every day.