Monday, July 1, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

Dan and I spent a really nice day with some good friends up in the mountains on Saturday.  Our state has been in the news for weeks now, with all the forest fires we've had.  The mountains are a virtual tinder box, due to dry weather and the devastation of millions of acres of forest by pine beetles, leaving trees dead and forests particularly susceptible to spreading fires.

People throughout the mountains have been taking measures to reduce the risk of fires around their property by cutting down trees close to structures.  

In spite of all this, there were many signs of new growth and brilliant colors.  New trees are popping up where trees were cut down just a year or so ago.

This little tree is loaded with pine cones.

Wildflowers grow in abundance.  Blue lupine was out in all its glory.

Not sure what this is, but the splashes of yellow were sure pretty.

My favorite, wild roses. . .

Saturday evening, we took a train ride on the historic Georgetown Loop Railroad, for a wine tasting and appetizer party.

Beautiful scenery. . .

Great fun. . .

And just more than a little nerve wracking when we stopped on this bridge for 15 minutes . . .especially for those of us with window seats!

Such a beautiful day, with wonderful friends.  It doesn't get any better than that!


Melinda said...

Truely beautiful pics.
Bridge not so much!


Mari said...

So beautiful! I just love all the pictures you posted. I wouldn't have cared for that bridge stop though.

Susanne said...

Well you will never guess where we were on the weekend. If you guessed the Rocky Mountains you'd be right. A beautiful national park, Waterton Lake International Peace Park. Didn't do an exciting rail trip like you did though. I think the bridge would make me a tad nervous. Love all your pictures, especially the close up of the pine cone tree. We've been watching all the fire news on tv and have prayed that everyone stays safe.

Marilyn said...

The number of pine cones on that small blue spruce tree is amazing. And the lupines? Divine. I guess I need to take a day trip soon!♥♫

Dewena Callis said...

The train trip sounds and looks like so much fun! Relaxing and invigorating both. The color in the lupines is amazing but all of the wildflowers are so sweet. The wildfires are heartbreaking. I pray that no one else will be hurt, and to lose a house has got to be a terrible terrible thing. So much beauty where you live in spite of it all.