Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Daybook

Muchas gracias to Peggy for hostessing the Daybook!

For Today. . .  Monday, July 15, 2013

Outside my window. . . the sky is gray and the air heavy and damp.  As I write this, I am sitting on the back porch.

 I am thinking. . . that simple, routine days can be a good place to rest in times of struggle.

I am thankful. . . for the good friends my kids surround themselves with.

In the kitchen. .
Meatball sliders
Sliced Watermelon

 I am wearing. . .pajamas;)

Over the weekend. . . Dan and I went to the History Colorado Center downtown, Joe came over and we made dinner together, I started a new book (see below).

I am creating. . . a new blouse.  After years of taking a break, I have this desire to start sewing again.

I am going. . . to meet my stepmom, Carol, for brunch today.

I am reading. . . The Book of Summers, by Emylia Hall

I am praying. . . for a young man struggling with substance abuse issues; a young couple who lost their baby.

I am looking forward to. . .going fabric shopping with a friend on Wednesday.

I am hearing. . . the dog next door barking at a squirrel.  The flap of the doggy door as Lilly rushes out to check on the situation.

I am learning. . . that some lessons are NEVER over. (Still working on this one.)

Around the house. . . I'm running a laundromat!  On Saturday, we had laundry going for ourselves and my mother-in-law (still recuperating at a rehab facility), and number-one-son came over to do his laundry.  It was an exercise in choreography, but it was all done by Sunday.

A favorite quote for today. . . From The Book of Summers, by Emylia Hall . . .
"Family.  .  .  . rambling dinners with elbows on tables and old jokes kneaded and pulled like baking dough.  Or dotty aunts and long-suffering uncles, awkwardly shaped shift dresses and craggy mustaches, the hard press of a well-meant hug.  Or just a house on a street. Handprints pushed into soft cement. . . "

Some of my favorite things. . .  libraries, porch swings, ruby red grapefruit juice

A peek into my day. . . 


Susanne said...

We have the same laundry dance going at our house at times. Trying to teach my kids one cannot leave their laundry in the washer or dryer for days on end and forget about it.

I covet a porch and a porch swing! Dream home wishes!

It's grey and damp and really cool here too. Might see some rain today.

Mereknits said...

Lovely things to think about today. Hugs to you my sweet friend,

Lynn said...

Ok your post made me do a double take! You posted that it was AUGUST 15th in the post, not July. I thought it was an old post!!!

BTW what fabric store will you buying from? I'm assuming its for the blouse, right? Or do you have more projects in mind and need a stash to pull from?

Karen said...

Oops! No wonder I thought the summer was going by too fast. Just corrected the date to July:)

Melinda said...

Gotta love a good porch swing!
We are ALWAYS learning aren't we?

Prayers being sent for those who are struggling.

Enjoy your brunch.


Dewena Callis said...

I always love reading about your day as you have a way of making it sound beautiful. Your quote from The Book of summers made me write the name and author down. I have a feeling I'd like it.