Friday, July 26, 2013

Thankful on Friday

I'm counting the week's blessings with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. . .

1.  Paid bills this week.  One of my least favorite jobs to start, but I always feel so productive when I'm finished.  And I'm always thankful that there's enough in the piggy bank to go 'round.  DH has always made sure of that for us.

2.  Girlfriends coming for dinner tonight.  The kind of friends that I don't have to clean for, they'll just show up and I'll cook something new, along with a fabulous dessert.  DH is making the gin and tonics and we'll 'back porch it' for the evening.  Lots of things to be thankful for, just in those last few sentences.

3.  Being able to record past episodes of my favorite shows on TV or watch them online whenever I want.  It's something we all take for granted now, but when I think back to the "old days" when I was a kid, and if you missed an episode of your favorite show, you had to wait until summer reruns -- being able to watch them whenever you want is pretty miraculous. I'm having such fun catching up on the first three seasons of The Mentalist.

4.  A new laptop!  Oh my gosh, this should've been Number One.  After limping along with the old one for the past year, and seeing the "blue screen of death" at least daily . . . what is that, anyway?  . . .Number One Son took me shopping and we picked out a new laptop.  I'm giddy over this thing! 

5.  Lilly and I were on one of our walks this week, and we found this at the end of the trail.  A little person's lost shoe that another hiker had thoughtfully placed at the trailhead on top of a pile of rocks, hoping the owner would come back to reclaim it.  It just made me go, "Awww."

If you'd like to share what made your week special, link up with Susanne and the rest of the crew!  You'll be glad you did;)


Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

That little shoe evoked the same reaction from me! Girlfriends for dinner -- how awesome. Have great fun!

I loved When Crickets Cry by Martin. My guess is you'll like Unwritten, too.

Have a great week ahead!

Heather said...

I love knowing we get our bills paid too. It's something I love to do!

We're going to see friends tonight at church,we can't wait!

I got a laptop last Christmas and love it! My desktop just wasn't in the best place for me to be able to use it. How great you got a new one!

Kara said...

i am going to have to buy myself a new laptop soon and I'm really not looking forward to it. I love the one i have but it's on it's way out. I love the little cute

Barbara H. said...

It sure feels good to get the bill-paying done, and to have the money to do so.

The dinner with friends sounds lovely.

I do remember the time of missing a TV show and not having a chance to catch it again til summer. It is so nice to have various venues to catch programs now.

Congrats on the laptop!

I had the same reaction to the little shoe. What a sweet idea.

Mereknits said...

Lovely things to be thankful for. That little shoe is so precious. Hope you had a grand time with your friends.

Susanne said...

I thought I had left a comment here but maybe I'm getting all mixed up with our emailing. ;)

Love the thought of your girlfriend night. I think I'm due for one of those real quick.

Nice that your Son could take you to get a new laptop. I'd say you were pretty patient for a year seeing the blue screen of death and all.

Dewena Callis said...

Karen, I know you are thrilled with your laptop! Last summer one of our sons paid 1/2 for one for me, husband and other kids chipping in for the rest. I had only had an old desk computer for many years so it is so nice to sit in a chair with my feet up to use it now.

What a blessing!