Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday musings

For Today. . . May 6, 2013

Outside my window. . . Cool and overcast, but the grass is soooo green and trees are just beginning to bud.  A big fat robin is sitting in the tree outside my window.

I am thinking. . . of how we are all created to be in community with one another.  Relationships can be fulfilling and challenging.  They require constant tending.

I am thankful. . . for the mentors in my life.

In the kitchen. . . Luke is coming for supper and I'm making his favorite -- chicken broccoli casserole, salad and garlic bread.

I am wearing. . . yoga pants, t-shirt and bare feet;)

I am creating. . . that darned slipcover.  Still.  I finally finished it!

I am going. . . to see my nephew this afternoon.  He's 8-years-old going on 30.

I am reading. . . "The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope," by Rhonda Riley.

I am looking forward to. . .dinner with girlfriends on Friday.

I am hearing. . . a dog barking, Darius Rucker singing on Pandora, a lawn mower in the distance.

Around the house. . . still Spring cleaning; getting ready to have the kitchen floor refinished and some new carpet put in.

A favorite quote for today. . . 
"There is never a time when your life is not 'this moment.'"
~~Eckhart Tolle

One of my favorite things. . . a new app for my iphone called Random Gratitude.  It pops up once a day, at random times, and asks,"What are you grateful for at this moment?"  I love it.  No matter what is happening in my day, it helps me think of something positive.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .  take the dogs to the Vet, paint the bathroom.

A peek into my day. . . I can't seem to go to the store these days without picking up another pot of flowers or some kitchen herbs for the garden.  

I love writing the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Thanks to Peggy for hostessing.


Dewena Callis said...

I love reading a post like this about what you see outside your window, what you're thinking about and reading, what you're cooking and creating, the music you're listening to, what you're anticipating. Almost as satisfying as visiting in person. Very nice.

And your blue dry sink is beautiful!

Mari said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I love the flowers blooming. :)

Mereknits said...

So much to be thankful for. Love your post today, I may have to look up that app.

Melinda said...

It is always interesting
to peek into the world
of others.

Sounds like you are going to be
busy. Love your plant stand.

M :)

Jerralea said...

I love your dry sink with the plants in it! I'm all about plants right now, too.

It sounds as if you are having a very satisfying day.

Anita said...

I read Dewena's comments and see that it's called a "dry sink." I kept staring at it as I read all the calm and peaceful thoughts that were flowing through your head, wondering what it is. I've never seen one... at least I
don't think so.

I might have to try the gratitude app! :)