Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer begins

This is what it looked like outside my window this morning.  I thought of all the kids who are at last on summer break. . .expecting the weather to be hot, hot, hot and ready to go to the pool.  Poor kids.  Poor moms!

  This is one of the (many) times during the year that make me wish my kids were still in elementary school.  Summers back then meant long days at the community pool, reading books for the library summer reading program, breakfasts on the back porch, and weekends spent camping in the mountains.

I've said this before, but I'm hard pressed when it comes to choosing a favorite season.  I love them all, and my favorite is the changing of one season to the next.  The way the air changes and the light is different. . .it would be hard for me to live in a place where I didn't get to experience Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring.

Summer mornings still call for breakfasts on the porch, usually just me and my journal and my two furry companions.  Always a second cup of coffee.  We gave up camping a long time ago. Even though I don't miss the crick in my back in the mornings, I sure do miss the smell of the campfire.  


Marilyn said...

Hi, your showers headed my way. It was nice to have a gentle morning rain. Things are quite late out here and I need to get out and plant some more flowers. Have a great day.♥♫

Melinda said...

I agree with you. I would miss the four seasons here in the Midwest.
Camping is not my thing so I wouldn't miss it.
I do enjoy meals on the the deck though.
Spring here has been wet and cool for the most part withs lots of Tornados around us.



Mereknits said...

We have three more days of school than my son is free for the summer. I will be changing my work schedule for the summer and only working mornings, I can't wait. I gave up camping years ago, I like a bed and bathroom, it doesn't even have to be nice, just clean!

Susanne said...

It's raining here too. My potted plants are crying out for the sunshine.

I never was a great camper, but we went a few times for the kids who love it. I loved waking up in the fresh air but I'm way beyond the times of sleeping on the ground in a tent.