Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've neglected my little blog here:(  April came swooping in, I blinked, and the month was already out the door.  It was a weird month in terms of weather here in Colorado.  It snowed four weeks in a row.  Big snow.  Eight to ten inches or more, each time.  And then it would all melt and the next week we would start all over again.

In between snowstorms, the grass got greener and the family of bunnies that lives under our porch would come out into the backyard to inspect my poor little daffodils and tulips, all bent over and trying to straighten themselves up to reach the sun.  Robins flocked to the bird bath, bravely dousing themselves in icy cold water.  Then, when the next snow fell, they all ran for cover back under the porch and under the eaves.

This morning, our town is sponsoring a Spring cleanup.  The entire neighborhood is in spring cleaning mode.  It's funny to look outside and see the street lined with old mattresses, broken office chairs, bits of lumber.  As fast as people are putting stuff out to the curb, a lot of it is being picked up by others who see it as treasure for flea markets and recycling.

I've been in Spring cleaning and major decluttering mode for the past month. Son #2 moved out and left behind 80% of his earthly belongings.  He and I are so much alike, it is hard for us to part with things, so it has been a slow, painstaking process for him to sort through 20 years of stuff.  His old room now consists of piles of Stuff to Give Away, Stuff to Store, and Stuff I Don't Know About Yet.   My goal today is to gather some items for a benefit garage sale later this month and to encourage him to make some decisions about that third pile.

Besides that, April was a busy month.  We went to a wedding, I celebrated my birthday, read this wonderful book, went to the first baseball game of the season, and stuck to my goal to write more letters.

I'm going to try to get back into blogging again more regularly, but I'm not going to stress myself out if I don't.  I love keeping a blog, for many of the same reasons I like to keep a journal.  It helps me focus on what's important in life, stay positive and live more intentionally.  It's so hard to keep life in balance, isn't it?  It's so easy for me to take something that started out as fun and pleasurable, and turn it into a "have to".  I don't want my blog to be something that I feel I have to do a certain way, a certain number of times each week, organized a certain way.  I used to feel like that, but so much of life is that way. . . so bear with me (or not! -- but I would miss you) while I keep it free and easy:)


Dewena Callis said...

Having a child leave home can be such a mixture of sadness, worry, and yet joy, for them and you. It's nice that part of your therapy for this time was decluttering. And I am totally for you in relation to your blogging purpose and intentions. We must leave enough time to live life other than just blogging about life!

Hope your spring is finally here for good!

Mereknits said...

That looks like a great book, I am going to download it today. I know how you feel about your blog. I have so many things I have to do everyday that my blog is not going to be one of them. I post when I want to, when I have time and when I might have something to say, other than that no rules for me.
Hugs to you and Happy Spring.

Susanne said...

Oh I so agree with you about blogging! I love the way blogging used to be, no pressure, just fun. April scooted right past me too. Sounds like we got some of the same kind of weather. Last Monday we had rain, hail, thunder/lightning and snow all on the same day and a dust storm two days before that. Mother nature is having a bit of a temper tantrum it seems.

Gotta love how the kids move out and leave 80% of their stuff. How does that happen? I've still got stuff of my daughter's and she's been out for 5 years!

Melinda said...

Free and easy is good.
That's what goes on here at

Our blogs have to make us happy and no one else.

Good to see you again.

M :)