Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Daybook

I love doing the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Sometimes, when I can't seem to get in the mood to write (which seems to be most of the time lately), it makes it easy to write a post where I can just fill in the blanks.  And it encourages me to think of the simple things that are going on, that make up my day or my week.  Thanks to Peggy for hostessing.

For Today. . . March 12, 2013

Outside my window. . . more snow.  The roads and sidewalks are clear, but snow is clinging to every nook and cranny of the trees, and covering the lawn.  Very pretty.

I am thinking. . . of the past year, and where it's taken us. . . . sometimes I look back in disbelief of all that we've weathered.  But, more so in disbelief that we've grown from it and have found moments of joy along the way. 

I am thankful. . . that Dan continues to find employment opportunities that keep us going.

In the kitchen. . . last night I made the best garlic mashed potatoes ever.  I found the recipe here.  I think the secret is in roasting the garlic in the oven before adding it to the potatoes.

I am wearing. . . jeans, sweater, hiking boots.

I am creating. . . that darned slipcover.  Still.

I am going. . . to work this afternoon.  Tuesdays are my favorite work days.  I'm always busy, the time flies. . . and Dan makes soup and sandwiches for supper:)

I am reading. . . "Rules of Civility" by Amor Towles, for book club.  Still. And not really liking it very much.  I'm loving Max Lucado's "Six Hours One Friday."  I'm trying not to hurry through, to make it last and last.

I am hoping. . . that Joe has good news today, re: a work-related issue.

I am looking forward to. . .spending time with Emily tomorrow.

I am hearing. . . Dierks Bentley on Pandora radio.

I am learning. . . 

Around the house. . . I'm tired of doing indoor stuff and am making plans for the garden!

A favorite quote for today. . . 
“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” 

Some of my favorite things. . .  weddings, pretty stationery, a dry Reisling

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .  dentist appointments, St. Patty's Day dinner, enjoy the spring weather at the end of the week!

A peek into my day. . . The quilt I finished over the weekend.  My mom started this family quilt. The squares were pieced by Mom, my sisters-in-law, my Aunt Riz, my cousin Jackie and me.  I loved finishing it and especially love the colors Mom chose.  


Mereknits said...

So much to be thankful for, especially that beautiful quilt made by the hands of those you love.
Hugs to you,

Lynne said...

The quilt is beautiful!

Mrs. Homesteader said...

I enjoyed visiting your place today! I wish I had planned ahead and got that Max Lucado book! I just L*O*V*E! his books. I have always wanted to vacation in Colorado. Maybe when our kids are gone and we don't have so much tying us to home. Thanks for sharing!

Melinda said...

Love the quilt!
How's Dan's new job?

M :)

Lynn said...

I love your quilt!!

and I agree abt Simple Woman's Daybook, I will have so much to say or nothing at all and the daybook helps me focus my efforts.

Susanne said...

My goodness, I love that quilt!

I was thinking this morning I need to dig out a Max Lucado book pertaining to Easter. I did "And the Angels were Silent" last year and really liked it.

Love Bears All Things said...

Looking back and discovering how you've weathered a storm and grown from the experience is a good thing...Honey Bear and I often do that as we've been married 46 years and gone through several tough things which we see now was part of God's plan for us so I'm thankful for the valleys so that I can appreciate the Mountains....
The quilt is beautiful, I made a similar sampler, my first quilt, and finishing one with that history makes it special.
Mama Bear

jennifer anderson said...

so awesome you have a talent like that

Leslie said...

You have much to be thankful for! I know what you mean... when I look back at some of the struggles of the last few years, I am truly blessed and amazed at how well we have made it through. Some struggles to exist but I am working on fixing that. : )

I wish Paul made soup and sandwiches on my busy work day.. then again, hell would freeze over. lol.

hope that you have a great week.
Happy st patricks day.

Jerralea said...

Great job on the quilt! What a treasure to have something touched by so many family members.

It's a wonderful thing when one can find employment. Glad you like your Tuesday afternoon gig, and that your husband continues to find work.