Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Gratitude Photo Challenge

This is the last day of the February Gratitude Photo Challenge, sponsored by Jackie at Embracing My Blessings.  I loved doing this and tried my best to post new photos each day.  I missed a few days, and sometimes I used photos that I'd taken in the past.  But, the point was to look for something to be grateful for each day, and the challenge taught me to see Grace in new ways.  I loved that.

Today's photos were taken early this morning at a new open space that our town recently acquired from a longtime resident's farm.  The plans for the buildings are still pending, but in the meantime it is a beautiful place to just walk around and enjoy the outdoors.

In this first photo, Long's Peak is in the background in the center of the picture.


Melinda said...

So peaceful!

M :)

Anita said...

Beauty is all around us. We just have to stop and look. You've done so here.

Mari said...

Beautiful winter shots! I love the leaning shed and of course the mountain backdrop too!