Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HaPPy HaLloWeen!!

1963 (With my brother Mark --that's me on the right.
  I still love red shoes:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On my mind

If ONLY I could find the cord that connects my camera to the computer, I would share with you the pictures from last weekend.  Dan and I took a car trip a few hours from home to a bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs. The house is a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1891.  Not being able to download photos the way I used to is just ONE of the frustrations of learning this "new to me" computer.  I've been told that once you learn the Mac, it is so easy.  I'm sure that's true, but right now I desperately miss my PC.  I have so little patience when it comes to new technology.

The number of political phone calls we get is increasing exponentially as election day nears.  Living in a swing state and being unaffiliated with neither of the major parties makes it even worse.  And it's not just in the evening, but that the phone rings.   I have to wonder if the calls make one bit of difference in swaying anyone's vote?  I can't imagine that they do.

On a brighter note, our area has had the most beautiful year for changing seasons.  Spring was delicious (literally) in that all of the fruit trees in the area were able to go full cycle and produced an abundant crop.  This fall, the wintry weather has held off and the trees have gone full cycle in changing colors.  It's unusual for our area, where winter will often step on the toes of fall and spring.

I've been busy all week preparing for a visit from my bff, Pam!  We go 'way back' to junior high school.  Some of my fondest memories of that time are third period study hall, raiding the vending machines for Cheetos and chocolate pudding snacks (who said school cafeterias were healthier in those days?)  or sneaking out for lunch period to a local restaurant where a friend was a cook.  We'd hang out with him in the kitchen and he would make us hot fudge sundaes. . . He sure knew the way to a young girl's heart.

Today is Dan's birthday.  I sent his mom flowers, thanking her for the best thing that has ever happened to me.  He truly is.  My rock, my friend, my everything.  Love you, Sweetie.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Daybook

FOR TODAY, October 22, 2012

Outside my window...I'm writing this late in the day and it's the 'golden hour' when the sun is low in the sky.  The sounds of the neighborhood include kids playing and lawn mowers going.

I am thinking...about the nice weekend we had.  I will share some pictures as soon as I figure out how to get them from the camera to the computer.  I'm slow learning about the Mac vs. my good ole PC.

I am thankful...that I found a new groomer for our dog who does a great job and is a bargain to boot!

In the kitchen...pork roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls.

I am plans.

I am figure out the Mac, come hell or high water.

I am wondering...if Barrack or Mitt get a bazillion political phone calls interrupting their dinner?

I am reading..."Helen of Troy", by Margaret George.

I am hoping...for another nice week of fall weather, before the snow sets in.

I am looking forward friend, Pamela, coming to visit this Friday!

Around the house...fall candles, pumpkins, and autumn colors.

I am pondering...lessons in "Abundant Simplicity" by Jan Johnson.

A favorite quote for today...(from "Abundant Simplicity) . . "Practicing frugality reinforces intentionality, prodding us to continually ask ourselves, What do I want? and What do I really need? Our heart also gets cleaned out, a process that creates the opportunity for many inward conversations with God."

Some of my favorite things...unique postage stamps, solving a math problem, finishing a crossword  puzzle.

A peek into my day. . .

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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Daybook

FOR TODAY, October 15, 2012

Outside my window...the sky is blue and clear with just a few wisps of clouds.  It's going to be another beautiful day!

I am thinking...that getting a new phone and switching to a new computer all in one weekend is just too much for my brain.  My PC is close to death, so I took over the kid's old Mac.  I got a cheap upgrade and now have an iPhone. It's all so different from what I'm used to.  

I am have live-in tech support in the form of our two sons.

In the kitchen...the fridge is stocked with leftovers from the weekend.  I made baked potato soup on Saturday, spaghetti sauce on Sunday.  I'll only have to plan a couple of new meals for the week.

I am creating...still working on the slipcover.  Did some sewing for others over the weekend, covered a cushion and mended a jacket.

I am going...on a weekend getaway with Hubs.  Hoping for good weather.  Will share photos next week.

I am wondering...about a lot of things, but for today:  why do dogs shed so much?  We have hair and we don't shed.  And how is that a greyhound, who is practically bald, still sheds?  

I am reading..."Healer" by Carol Cassella

I am hoping...The house fairy shows up soon and gets some cleaning done.

I am looking forward to...the weekend.

Around the house...such disarray, you really don't want to know.

I am pondering...why the Kalinda story on The Good Wife has become so ridiculous.

A favorite quote for today...You have encircled this mountain long enough, now turn North. (Deut. 2:3)

Some of my favorite things...seashells, fall candles, brand new uncut fabric.

A peek into my day. . .

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This has been a crazy year for us for travel. I've never been on an airplane so many times in one year in my whole life. Dan and I were out in the midwest again last week, and our karma must've been in all the right places, because we got bumped up to first class:)

The view out the window was spectacular. I felt like we were flying over the Arctic . . .

As beautiful as it was, it is nice know that we'll have our feet on the ground for a while.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday, Monday

For Today. . . October 1, 2012

Outside my window...the day started out with a light rain, but the sun eventually came through.

I am thinking...this weekend was full of new experiences including the Women of Faith Conference and trying Pho Vietnamese food for the first time (my son's treat!)

I am thankful...for friends who make me laugh.

In the kitchen...a recipe from the Pioneer Woman:  Pepperoni Pizza Burgers.  I made them for supper tonight with Sweet Potato Fries and everyone loved them!

I am wearing...capris and sandals.  I just can't bring myself to put the sandals away yet.

I am creating...order out of chaos at my desk.

I am take my friend to a doctor appointment this morning.  We're praying for good news -- she had foot surgery six weeks ago.

I am wondering...if I'll ever get caught up and have my entire house clean at one time.

I am reading...Abundant Simplicity by Jan Johnson.

I am clean my desk off sometime this century.

I am looking forward to...a trip with Dan later this week.
Around the house...freshly vacuumed, dusted, bathrooms cleaned!  I have two painting projects to complete.
A favorite quote for today... "For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be."  Matt.6:21

One of my favorite things...the pearl earrings Dan gave me our first Valentine's day together.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Work, travel, pay bills.

A peek into my day...

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