Thursday, March 29, 2012

Checking in

For the past two weekends, Dan and I have been knee deep in Spring cleaning.  We attacked the house from top to bottom.  Cleaned carpets, cleaned a now-vacant kid's room, put wallpaper up for a guest room.  Cleaned the garage, the back deck.  Took a couple loads of stuff to Goodwill.  We worked from lists and happily checked items off as we went.

One evening we met some friends for dinner at Julia Blackbird's New Mexican Cafe.  The menu is a culinary mixture of Native American, Spanish and Mexican cuisine.  I feasted on the Rellenos Norteno -- two fire roasted Chimayo chiles stuffed  with goat cheese, and dusted with blue corn meal and flash fried. It was to die for.  And, although I'm not in the habit of taking pictures of my food, I had to take a photo of this heavenly, lusciously delicious coconut cake (with a strawberry rosette) that was dessert. . .

All the Spring cleaning was completed in time for me to put my feet up. . . .

It's amazing how much trouble having surgery on a big toe can be.  Just ask Dan.  He has been terrific, keeping me in ice, keeping me in coffee and keeping me supplied with just about everything else I need.  I think I'll keep 'im:)   I have a few weeks of crutching around to look forward to.  Bleh.  And then, I'm treating myself to a pedicure!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring favorites

The arrival of Spring gives me so many favorites for the week.   Here are five:

1.  Spring babies.  .  .  I love seeing all the baby cows out in pastures this time of year.  They look so peaceful all nestled up to their moms, without a care or concern in the world.  And some friends of ours have lambs due in just a couple weeks.  I can't wait to go over and see their sweet little faces.

2.  Longer days and warmer temps.  It's so nice to finish up the day's work and still have some daylight left to linger on the back porch and have a glass of wine or a cold beer. 

3.  Driving with the sunroof open.  I'm half-way there to my convertible (some day:)) but the open sunroof is such a treat!

4.  Daffodils.  At just $1.25 a bunch, I bought three bunches from the grocery store.  They brighten up the kitchen and my days.

5.  Grilling recipes.  Looking forward to warmer days and changing up my menu plan to include recipes for the grill.  It's a nice break to plan menus by the season.  Keeps life interesting.

How was your week?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A week or so ago, Dan and I took Emily and made a trip across the mountains to visit my brother Andy and his wife Diane.  It was a gorgeous Spring weekend.

Diane is infamous for her "lists" and we all got put to work.  There's always lots to do and we love helping out.  Of course, there was plenty of downtime, too! Relaxing on their deck at beer-thirty.  Driving into town for the best pizza ever at the Hot Tomato.  And we were treated to their fabulous home cooking, frittatas for breakfast and grilled pork loin for dinner one night.  I should have taken pictures of the food. But I was too busy chowin' down:)

This little cutie is Crybaby.  The newest of their menagerie. Their Bernese mountain dogs think he's another dog and can't figure out why he doesn't like to play. . . 

. . . It's cause his mama won't let him.  She doesn't like anyone messing with her baby.

This is Fergie.  She's in charge of the round-ups.

Like I said, it was a working weekend.  Here's my niece, Sami Jo, giving one of the horses some medicine.  I can't remember what it was for.  It's a good thing all I did was take pictures:)

Here's Diane and Emily and Jack and Cisco and what's-his-name having a conference of some sort.  They all look deep in discussion, don't they?

Horses kept coming and going. . . .

Getting new shoes. . .

Gettin' doctored. . .

And then, the fun part. . . 

Doing some riding. . . .

It was such a great weekend, with lots of memories being made.  Thanks, Andy and Diane and Sami!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coffee break

I woke up this morning, surprised that it is Thursday already.  I must have missed 24 hours somehow, as I was sure we were still on the front half of the week.

Many blogs are showing crocuses and tulips sprouting up already.  I don't see any in my yard, but the temperatures are warming up and the sunshine has been a welcome relief to cloudy days.  This is the time of year that I start tasting Spring.  I know it's early, but just a little nip here and there will tide me over until it officially arrives.

Last night I surprised my son by making one of his favorite suppers, Chicken and Broccoli casserole.  As I took it from the oven, all piping hot with a buttery bread crumb and Parmesan topping, toasted brown and baked to perfection, he was like a little huge puppy, tripping over his feet to get to the kitchen table, almost drooling.  It made his whole day.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could whip up a recipe for anyone, to fix a bad day or whatever ails them?  I think there was a book with a storyline similar to that, about a woman who could fix broken hearts and broken people through her recipes and marvelous cooking.

Several readers have asked me about my job.  I didn't mean to be secretive at all.  No, I'm not working for the CIA (giggle), but am an office manager for a group of family therapists.  I worked for one of them when I was doing medical billing at home.  Besides doing their billing, I take care of all their office needs.  It's a very relaxed environment.  One of the therapists has a therapy dog, so I keep biscuits in my desk:), and since she works exclusively with children, the office is a lively place.  I'm enjoying my job immensely.

So, that's what's happening here, Over the Backyard Fence.  I inadvertently "turned the lights off and locked the door" to my blog earlier this week, so if you tried to come over and got a "you must have an invitation to be here" message, I am so sorry!  My fault, entirely.  You are always welcome here, everyone.  All ten of you!  xo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012