Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites

We woke up to a foot of snow on the ground this morning, and it's been snowing all day.  Nothing like being snowed in with all your favorite people (see column on the right).  Except for Joe, who is out in sunny Southern California.  (Little wave to Joey!)

I'm going to dig deep and find some good things about this week.  In spite of the fact that my DH lost his job of 33 years on Monday.  Yeaaaahhh. Who'd a thunk it would happen to us?  I guess NO ONE ever thinks it will happen to them.

The good news is:

1.  We will be okay. We WILL be okay.  We'll BE OKAY.

2.  Now that my daughter is home schooling, she'll have someone to help her with math, other than me.  That's a very good thing.

3.  I'm starting my little job in a couple weeks.  Which, hey, will at least pay for stamps and ice.

4.  I won't have to go to the office Christmas party anymore.

5.  We'll get a whole lot of practice at looking on the bright side, and we'll build lots of character.  Just what we need, a few more characters around here.

How was your week?

Hooking up with Susanne for Friday's Fave Five.


Marilyn said...

Oh. My mouth just fell open. Perhaps this is a time that you are being tested and will find something that will be a good fit for you and your family. Sending you love and prayers.♥♫

Mereknits said...

Wow, what a week. I am so sorry about the job situation, that is really horrible. My thoughts will be with you as you work thorough all that this entails. I am happy you decided to home school your daughter, how is that working out? It is a challenge for us but we are Getting the kinks out on a daily basis. Sending you a huge hug, and know that we are all here for you so if you need to laugh, cry, scream or just talk we are here.

Renna said...

The song has been going through my head for a few days now that goes "it's the end of the world as we know it, it's the end of the world as we know it". I don't even know what band sings it, or if that's the name of it, but it's an earworm in my head. I think it's because I'm hearing of so many catastrophic life changes happening to so many people that I know, all within a week's time. They range from situations like yours, to a good friend's husband having to retire from university teaching due to a Parkinson's diagnosis, to a friend whose husband had a stroke with complications amounting to his family gathered round him now just waiting for him to die, having been removed from all life support.

There are other things in between that I'm not even mentioning, but you get the gist. I have to keep reminding myself God is still on the throne, and I know you're doing the same. Out of seemingly tragic situations, God can bring truly beautiful things into our lives. I will add your family to my prayer list, Karen, and wait to see what awesome thing He will do for you in the future.

Becky said...

Karen! I'm in total shock! Unbelievable. You are certainly not alone. But that doesn't help much. Gosh, I'm just so in shock. But I love your attitude. Take that Satan!!

Willow said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry. Been there, done that. It's a faith builder for sure. And we found wonderful changes through it.

I'm a homeschooler at heart--glad you're homeschooling your girl now.

Rizzi said...


Anita said...

33 YEARS - that's a long time. I'm sorry this has happened, however, I believe God has a plan for your lives and that you all will be fine.

Hang in there as you adjust and figure things out. You will...with divine guidance.

ps. I saw all that snow on the news!

Country Dreaming said...

I am sooooo sorry to hear of this. Believe me when I say I feel your pain. Prayers, paitence and perserverance will be threes things you will need.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!
Good Luck!


Susan@FruitfulWords said...

33 years at one place and then to lose your job. Now that is certainly a shocker. Just prayed for God's blessings, Karen, to be quite obvious during this time of change, fear, confusion, and hurt.

Having help with the math was always a good thing when we homeschooled, too. A friend held a homeschool math class as she LOVED math and LOVED to teach it.

Enjoy being snowed in with (most of) your favourite people.

P.S. You are funny!

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job. What a shock! I am sure this is truly a difficult time for your family but I pray it will bring great reward for you. Didn't know you were homeschooling your daughter! I'm on my 9th year with my kiddos. Good for you!

You'll be in our prayers.

Jen said...

Wow!!! I haven't read blogs in awhile!!!! So sorry about your husbands job. I'm praying for u all.

Judy said...

KAREN! I am sooo sorry to hear this.
I LOVED homeschooling. I did not love it when my DH lost his job. Nor when I lost mine last spring. God is good. All the time.