Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stock Show

Yesterday, we took the day off from all of the myriad of responsibilities and to-do lists that we've been buried under, and went to the Stock Show.  As in the National Western Stock Show, the super bowl of stock shows, a mainstay in Denver since it was a town with just a bunch of cow trails.

It was perfect weather.  Snowy and cold, wet and sloppy, as we headed from the main coliseum to outlying buildings such as the horse arena and cow barns.  Going from the freezing cold into one of the warm stock buildings is all part of the experience -- entering the building and being enveloped by the warm air and the smell of horses and hay and dirt.

Add a toasty, sweet funnel cake to the mix, and there you have it . . . the Stock Show.

We spent an hour or more watching Team Cutting.  A team of three cowboys/girls on horseback are given the task of separating three calves from a small herd of 30.  Not just any three.  The little doggies are all numbered, so the team has to 'cut out' three specific calves . . . and gather them in a pen on the other side of the arena.  Sounds easy enough, but the crazy little critters don't want to leave their friends.  And the clock is running.  The fastest time was 27 seconds. 27 seconds!  I couldn't even get my three kids -- when they were just little guys -- into the car, in 27 seconds.  

We spent a lot of time wandering through the horse barn. We browsed through the hundred million booths at the trade show.  There were so many things for sale.  Everything from earrings to cowboy hats and boots, to horse trailers and portable corrals, to beef jerky and ear tags.
We wandered through the cow barn and watched little 4H kids shampooing gigantic bulls and then using blow dryers to make their coats look like black velvet.  And it reminded me that I need to go home and give Lilly a bath.

And then we went home and cleaned off our boots.

The End.  


Marilyn said...

You captured the true spirit of our Stock Show! Glad you had a good day.♥♫

Renna said...

Ditto to commenter, Marilyn; you really did capture the spirit of it, Karen!

You brought back memories to me of times spent at the Fort Worth Stock Show, in Ft. Worth, Texas. I've not been since my oldest son was a baby (thirty some odd years ago). Yet as I read your post, I was immediately transported back to that day. It was also a cold, snowy, wet day. And though I don't particularly care for the smell of animal manure, I wasn't put off by it, rather finding it all part of the experience.

Mereknits said...

What fun I have never seen pictures of a stock show. Glad you shared with all of us.
Happy Weekend,

Bee Jay said...

What a truly fun day!

Susanne said...

LOL. We have those kinds of shows here too but have never attended.

Country Dreaming said...

It's always good to take a day off here and there. Sounds like you had a fun day.