Monday, August 1, 2011


Whatever happened to August being the crowning, lazy month of summer, trying to squeeze in all the pool time that you can and taking a vacation?  It seems that August has become cheated over the years, with the start of school in our area inching up just a bit more each year.  In two short weeks, right smack dab in the middle of what should be a month-long culmination of a long summer holiday, is the kids first day of school.  This year, Em starts on the 15th and Luke leaves on the 18th.

Instead of spending the next couple weeks lolling about in summer stuff, we have business to tend to.  There's shopping for a few new items for school clothes and buying school supplies.  Shopping for dorm stuff. Packing for college.  Fall softball practice begins next week. Shopping for new cleats, downloading registration forms and making sure health forms are in order.  A doctor's appointment this week to remove Luke's splint.  Dan's travel is picking up again, so fewer nights of sharing G&T's on the back porch. 

If the temperatures weren't still in the high 90s, I would swear it's almost September.  But the hot days and warm nights tell me that August still lies ahead.  We'll keep cooking suppers on the barbeque, adding some new recipes to change things up, enjoy lots more baseball as the Rockies struggle along, take advantage of the local farmer's market as well as take in the sights at the county fair this week.  And in just two weeks, I guess we'll have to throw in six or seven hours of school a day as well.

How about in your  neck of the woods?  When does school start?


Mari said...

They've been moving up the start of school here too, but thank goodness it's just the end of August. They tried to pass a bill here to have school start after Labor day because it cuts into tourism so much but it didn't pass. Wish it had! Enjoy your August!

Mereknits said...

Karen, I so totally agree with you. We start but the 22nd and high school swimming starts the 8th, this summer went by so fast. In Florida it is so hot and humid the kids might as well be in school. Hope Luke is feeling better.

Country Dreaming said...

We go back the 10th!!!!!!!!!
The kids have two half days on the 15 and 16th.
It is just sooooooo early. I need a little bit more time.
Oh well--not gonna get it. this will be cram week!

Have fun.


Becky said...

You know, I have no idea when school starts around here. I don't pay attention now that I have no students to send. My son in college in FL says he starts "around the 26th, I think". I know I ordered his books yesterday and that was easy. Cheaper than than I'm used to also. That's a good thing :)

Susanne said...

Well now that you ask, I have no idea. I guess I better find out. It's usually either the last week of August sometime or after Labor Day depending on where that weekend falls.

Jen said...

We start August Tuesday!:(
Soccer has been going on for Madison since June though. Miller started tball this week for fall. I'm getting into routines and starting new schedules...
Good Luck with your kiddos...ope everything works out with Luke and his arm!

Leslie said...

School starts around the 25th for my girls and I haven't even bought a pencil yet. I just don't want to face that it's coming back. I love these lazy summers. Not that we're not busy all of the time. : )

Have a fantastic August!!!!

Linda Hoye said...

It's taken many years but I rarely think about back-to-school these days! Of course once the grandchildren start school I am sure that will change.

I hope you are able to squeeze as much summer out of August as you are able!