Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

Just squeaking in under the wire for Friday Fave Five. . . 

1.  This week, I found a way to combine my morning routine of reading and journaling with getting some exercise, by riding my bike to the open space near our house to work.  My bike basket is just the right size to hold books, notebook, and a go-cup with coffee.  The mornings have been cool and pleasant, thanks to all the rain we've had.

2.  Thunderstorms.  Every night for eight straight days.  Huge bolts of lightening, deafening thunder.  Sitting on the back porch, watching the pouring rain.  It's humbling.

3.  Second chances. And third chances. And fourth . . . "If at first you don't succeed. . . "

4.  Fresh white paint!  Last weekend, I took the plunge and decided to paint the kitchen cabinets.  This isn't the first time I've done such a project, in fact I knew it would be a matter of time before I would dive in and change them.  You would think that after doing this twice, we would have just bought a house with a white kitchen.  You can be sure I'll do a 'big reveal' when the project is finished!  Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek!
Out with the old . . . in with the new. . .
5.  We learned a couple of weeks ago that our son Luke will need surgery on his right arm -- the UCL, or "Tommy John", a common injury for pitchers.  Today we met the surgeon for a consult.  HUGE blessing.  He  is gifted and extremely knowledgeable, and we know that Luke is in good hands.  It will mean a change of plans for his first year in college, as he'll 'red shirt' and rehab.  But he is showing such maturity about the whole situation, and that has been a blessing as well.

How was your week?  Leave a comment and/or head over to Susanne's and join FFF:o)


Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Ahhh, so the big project is painting your cabinets. That is a big project. It will look so fresh and happy in the kitchen once you are done. I look forward to the pix, Karen.

Sometimes when we visited the great grandparents in Hemet there would be thunderstorms.We'd all gather around the windows with mugs of hot chocolate to stare in awe at the wonder before us. Even if the kiddos were asleep, we'd wake them to watch the show. Great memories.

Cool idea about combining your morning routine with exercise. I am picturing you riding along with your basket full of goodies to music from The Wizard of Oz. Don't know why that popped into my head. ;)

Hurray for all the chances we need to get it right! Have a better week, Karen.

Mama Mia said...

Love the white cabinets! I love how white just brightens everything up! :o)

What a lovely way to start your day-- a bike ride and journaling with a cuppa coffee. One of the things on my wish list is a bike with a basket for just such occasions!

Hope everything goes well with your son's surgery. As an accident-prone athlete, I will vouch for the wonderful job that ortho surgeons can do-- they have enriched my life so many times!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Thunderstorms and cool weather? We need a dose of those in Florida right now. I love an evening thunderstorm.

What a blessing when you find a doctor you trust, and how mature your son is being. That's great. So much of life is about lessons, isn't it? Neat to see them learn them like this.

Have a happy Colorado week ahead!

Karen said...

I laughed at Susan's comment about me riding my bike to the music from the Wizard of Oz. Because that is exactly what my husbands 'hums' every time I get on my bike and ride away! (The wicked witch's theme.) The stinker.

Country Dreaming said...

You are a brave woman---painting and all. When you are done, stop by my house. :)
Glad to hear that your son is doing well with the upcoming surgery. Good luck to him!
My week was a bust--no motivation and then had a stomach bug at the
end of the week.:(

Have a great Sunday.


Good to see you at Dreaming!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love the feeling when a big project like repainting cabinets is done!

Thunderstorms really are awesome, aren't they? They give my guys a little anxiety, but it gives us an opportunity to work on coping skills, and talk about the amazing way the lightning replaces ozone, and the water returns to earth, and God's design being perfect.

I'm glad your son will be in the hands of a competent and caring surgeon!

Jen said...

So thankful Luke will be ok. Prayers and hugs to you friend!

Susanne said...

The cupboards will look so fresh and clean with that nice white! That is one big job, good for you for tackling it!

I'm going to send you an email of some thunder we had the other night. Quite the display.

Saying a prayer for your son that al goes well with the surgery!

Becky said...

I cannot wait to see how the kitchen turns out. I have always wanted white cabinets in a kitchen. Someday! I have not done a decorating project in ages and ages. Perhaps now that we are moving to a slightly larger apartment, I will redo my bedroom furniture (belonged to my in-laws and they gave it to us when we married 30 years ago).

M said...

Our nephew had TJ surgery right before his sr year which altered his college options, but it all went extremely well and he got picked up by a college near us so we look forward to catching some of his games for the first time this fall.