Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Brain Dump

In just three short weeks, it will be the "night before school starts," for the Girl Child, and "the week he leaves for college," for the Middle Child.  It seems the summer has dragged on forever.  Really.  What was supposed to be a full season of softball and baseball got cut short due to Luke's injury.  Due to work schedules, it was too late to plan any kind of vacation.  And teenagers aren't exactly fun to "hang" with since their idea of fun is to go somewhere to spend my money.  I think we'll all be happy to get back into a fall routine.

Early last week, Luke and I drove to the far southeastern corner of our state for Freshman Orientation at the college he'll be attending.  It's about a four hour drive through miles and miles of prairie.  I found it rather pretty.  Not surprisingly, at 18, Luke found it rather boring. 

For the first half of the trip we followed the interstate before picking up a two lane highway that stretched for miles through open space.  Few towns break up the drive, but each one of them boasts a small museum, usually a railroad depot and buildings dating in the first half of the last century.  There wasn't a lot to see, save for the ghosts of the settlers that lived in the area when it was rich in agriculture. Still, the prairie has a beauty of it's own and changes colors and texture.

As we neared our destination, the land was more green and fertile.  Further south there are a few larger towns and some areas for fishing and camping, so it's not exactly in the middle of nowhere.  We had a really nice day meeting faculty and coaches, registering for classes, and seeing the dorms.  It was my first visit, so it was all new for me.

Emily finished summer softball and starts fall ball in a couple short weeks.  And I am still sanding and priming and painting the kitchen cabinets.  Luke has his surgery tomorrow and I doubt he'll feel like doing much for a few days.  So, I'll have lots of time to continue working on my project, when I'm not waiting on him!  He won't have use of his right arm for 10 days.  After that, he'll have to take it slowly before he can do anything.

So, that's all I've got.  Check in tomorrow for a book review for a great summer read!


Mereknits said...

Karen, my summer seems to be speeding by way too fast. Good luck withthe surgery, hope Luke is a good patient. It will be tough with another child off to college, I am facing that next year. I just took my son for his senior picture and I teared up. Have a really wonderful week,

Judy said...

I shall be looking forward to a book review!

My oldest grandchild starts kindergarten in September. I feel like sobbing. I did NOT feel this way when it was MY kids.

Hope the surgery goes well!

Anita said...

Your first five words elicited a mild scream from me. Only three weeks?!? Actually, we have about 5 because we go to school after Labor Day. Whew!

I've been busy this summer, but I expect things to slow down in a couple weeks. Then, I want to do NOTHING for a couple weeks before schools starts.

It doesn't sound like things are flowing quite as you'd like. I hope everyone and everything will get back to "normal" soon. :)

Frog Hollow Farm Girl said...

Hi Karen, it's so good to be back home and blogging again - I really do miss sharing and documenting all of the things we do around here. I'm sorry to hear about Luke's injury and hope his recovery is speedy and as pain free as possible. Your trip through the prairie sounded wonderfully serene - I can just see and hear my own son's reaction to it though LOL! Starting college is always so exciting. School doesn't start here for about 5-6 weeks, but we are already seeing the back to school things in the stores, just waiting to see Halloween decorations any day now! LOL Ciao, bella!

Becky said...

I cannot believe school starts that soon. With no kids at home I forget how short summer can seem to a student.

I do love your description of the prairie. I am definitely at the age where I take the time to stop and enjoy the journey.

Your house will be that much quieter with your Middler gone to college. CARE PACKAGES!!!