Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday favorites

I'm looking back over my week and finding five things that made me happy.  Linking up to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, for Friday Fave Five!

*  Yesterday, it rained all day long.  It did wonders for the grass in our backyard.  It may not be so pathetic for the graduation party after all.

*  Today I had lunch with Kathy to celebrate our birthdays, which are just two weeks apart.  We usually try to schedule lunch in between our b-days, but life got in the way this year.  We had a delicious meal at PF Chang's (the Coconut Curry Veggies are my absolute favorite) and then went shoe shopping.

*  I stayed up late, two nights in a row, to read PW's new book. Loved it!  I've read most of the story on her blog, but the last section (which is new) made it worth buying the book.  Which I didn't buy, but received as a gift.  But if I hadn't, I would've bought it.

*  Oh!  This is exciting!  (Tiffany, you'll appreciate this). On Mother's Day I entered a raffle at Emily's softball tournament -- an easy raffle, where I bought two hot dogs and Cokes for Dan and I, so I was given a raffle ticket -- and I won an autographed Todd Helton jersey!  Which I promptly gave to my husband, because Todd is his favorite baseball player.

*  There were lots of good moments this week, so I'll squeeze the rest into #5.  Lunch with my dad, time spent with my mother-in-law, playing nerf guns with my nephew, getting the laundry caught up, and planting two new rosebushes.

How was your week?


Becky said...

My week was great. Not as full as yours but still great. I was on the job by myself this week, and what took me till noon on Monday only took me till 9:30 this morning. Progress! I celebrated National Nursing Home Week with something fun every day at work. I cemented a new friendship with a colleague and got a hug on my way out the door today ... nice to know I can still make new friends.

Susanne said...

Oh blogger was giving me fits last nite! But it's never to late to post the fives or to link up. It's up now if you want to.

I never did get to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope it was a wonderful day for you. You lunch sounds delicious.

I'll have to see if PW's book is at my library yet.

fruitfulwords said...

sometimes we need to list more than 5 blessings in order to be fair to the week. i like how you squished so many blessings into #5.

i enjoyed looking at the many photos on your blog. the owlets are soooo cute.

hoping you make it to graduation with green grass and all your hair.

Country Dreaming said...

Counting the days till school is out and seeing old friends last night have been the highlight of my week.
It has gone back to cool and cloudy--last weekend we were in shorts. not today.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Our Village is a Little Different said...

Happy Birthday! PF Changs. Yum. I LOVE PFC! Congratulations on winning the raffle. That's exciting! It sounds like a good week. Great books, having fun with people you love.. it's all good stuff.

Tiffany said...

Oh that is fabulous! So jealous! What a great prize!