Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Rednesday!

I'm playing along with Red Wednesday (Rednesday!) at It's A Very Cherry World.  If you love red as much as I do, you'll love browsing through the links on this one!

Photos from my kitchen:


Rizzi said...

What a cute idea, maybe i will do it too. I have roosters just like yours. We are having a valentine tea party, wish you were here. love, aunt riz

Jen said...

Love love your cookbooks...i too have red cook wear and love it

Claudia said...

Love your splashes of red! We have some red in our kitchen, too. It's so cheery, isn't it?


LV said...

I like red very much, but have little in my house. You have a great assortment of reds.

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, a girl that I could definitely be buds with...loving all the reds you have shared. I see you and I have a few of the same 'reds'..Thanks so much for stopping by...

~~Carol~~ said...

You've definitely got some very nice red things in your kitchen! Love the cookbooks, and I'm crazy about that snowflake teapot!
Happy REDnesday!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Is your kitchen red year round, or did you bring these red beauties out of hiding for Valentine's Day?


A damsel who loved shades of red
Discovered she’d been sore misled;
She had no more rose,
Nor blush for her nose—
If she finds the thief, the guy’s dead!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Poinsettia and Fountain

Dena E's Blog said...

Great photos and LOVE the crocheted hot pads...!!!
Blessings and love from our LORD above~~~Hugs Dena

Kammy said...

I lover red ! That old cookbook is just perfect !
p.s. I think we will have another snow free day !!!

VintageBettys said...

Hello, Karen! Thank you for visiting us. What a great blog you have here. Great reds! We especially love the red tea pot (We love our tea!) and the rooster shakers. We are going to take a look around your blog.

Have a lovely day,
Laura and Michele

Shug said...

Hi Karen! Stopped by your place today and I can tell we have a something in common.. RED! I love this color. Warms my life!
Enjoyed your post.

glenda said...

I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
Very sweet of you, come back again..

Renna said...

I love red, and I love all your reds! I also love the blog you linked to, and have added it to my google reader. :-)

Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack said...

Hi Karen!

You have an adorable family, as well! Just stopping by to say, "hi"!

I had a red kitchen in my old house and loved it. We have the same tea kettle. You have some great vintage cookbooks. I have a collection of red Pyrex dishes. Love them!

Following along! Hope you make it to Ft. Collins. You will love it! There is an entire row of antique malls off highway 287!

Enjoy this weather! ~Michelle