Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."
Hal Borland, author
One of my goals in being more mindful this year is to try to be in the moment and to find the sacred in every day. No matter what kind of day I'm "dished up."

Along with everyone else I know, I've been longing for Spring, wishing Winter would just go on its way. Winter was fun when it first arrived, all cold air and warm sweaters and hot chocolate. Then, it wasn't long before the piles of snow started looking dirty and grimey, the back door was always blocked by piles of snowboots, and my car was so dirty it was permanently brown. By January, I was longing for Spring.

It occurs to me that sometimes I spend more time anticipating the change of seasons rather than actually living in a season.

Today, was a warm, 70 degree, sunny day. On Friday we'll be in the low 30s again, with an anticipated 10" of snow. So, when my son suggested we take a break from work and go for a walk, I jumped at it. (The promise of a stop at Starbuck's didn't hurt either.) For an hour we walked through the neighborhood, to the coffee shop and back, and saw signs of Spring in the green grass poking up, the pansies on display at the garden shop, and the sale of cold drinks at the coffee shop.

I thought about how fleeting time can be, how we long for change and before you know it, the holidays have come and gone, Spring flies by and it's Summer, and we're wishing for the cool days of Fall. And all the while, my children are growing up, each stage of their youth being replaced by the next. How often I've struggled with a particular phase, only to console myself with, "This too shall pass." And it does, all too quickly.

It was a lovely way to spend St. Patrick's Day, walking with one of my favorite young men, enjoying this season that we have together.


Paula said...

This is a lovely post, Karen...and one that touched my heart. Of course, we are always "looking forward" and forgetting to enjoy the present. As much as I promise myself I am not going to do that, I do...we all do at one time or another, I think. But you are doing just as I have always tried - live in the moment! We all need to be reminded of this every once in a while. Thanks for this today; I needed the reminder!


Brittanie said...


Frog Hollow Farm Girl said...

Sweet greetings from Frog Hollow Farm! What a lovely post Karen (and I'm jealous that you live that close to a coffee shop that you can walk to it!)

You know what John Lennon said:

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Ciao, Bella!

Joanne said...

I think that is one of my favorite things about walking ... it's a wonderful way to just "be" in the moment. We have a way of absorbing everything around us when we're outdoors, walking, talking, observing, being. Sounds like a great day!

eveningstar1 said...


Greetings! I discovered your blog on Embracing My Blessings and very glad I did. I feel exactly as you do and I sometimes think I am the least mindful person on the planet: it is a challenge for me to focus on the moment because I am always thinking ahead about what needs to be done, where to go next, etc. This season of my life (I am acutely aware at this point that there are, indeed, seasons as my parents age and my kids grow) seems to be one of slowing down--for good reason. There is so much to see!!! Thanks again for reminding me!

Flat Rock Creek Notebook: Memoirs of the Here and Now

Becky said...

What a beautiful post, Karen. I felt like I went with you. I wish I lived close enough to a quaint little coffee shop ... or a Starbucks ... to walk there.

I do think much of our lives is spent looking forward to something else. It is sad I think. Being mindful is a great way to approach every day. I used to tell my kids that the day they had was their choice. It is not, after all, what we are handed that day that counts, but what we CHOOSE to do with what we are handed.

Have a great week, with one more reminder of winter. I love the quote at the beginning of your post today. And I love your new header :)

Susanne said...

It sounds like you have the same kind of weather pattern as we do.

I love this post, Karen. Such a good reminder. I've been thinking along those lines too, of enjoying the day for what it is for it passes so quickly. My oldest is visiting and I think that is what has me thinking in that mode. It's been almost two years since she moved and I'm still shocked that that time came so quickly.

Sarah said...

GREAT points Karen! That's my goal this year live in the moment. To enjoy where I am and to be thankful. I loved the reminder!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wonderful post! And hard to believe your Wednesday was warmer than ours :) I struggle often with sticking to plans and "getting things done" as opposed to the spontaneous, enjoy the moment times that arise. My husband is very good with helping me remember though, and he did so on Wednesday for me :) He talked me into going to the golf course with him and the pup dog. We walked, it was cold and cloudy, he hit golf balls till his hearts content and we had a wonderful afternoon together. Today, I'm catching up on all of those "should haves" from yesterday, but I'm still really glad that I went. As I am sure you felt about your walk with your son :) Starbucks would have definitely enticed me more than golf, hahaha!

Hope today is equally as lovely, and tomorrow - even better!


Bill said...

It's such a relief to see Spring arrive after our harsh winter.
This post made me nostalgic. We have no idea when we are young how quickly we leave childhood behind.

Jackie said...

Karen, this post is so touching and you wrote exactly how I feel. can walk to a coffee shop? That is great. Thank you for this reminder to enjoy every moment.


Linda said...

I too have been thinking about how I spend much to much time thinking about the future or the past instead of enjoying the journey. Good post - and a good reminder to me.

bunny, The Paris House said...

You have such a lovely post, I found you via another's Rizzi and it caught my attention because you know Frog Hollow Farm Girl....We live only minutes from each other. We live on a little farm in an historic stone and clapboard farmhouse in the country.. Your blog is so lovely and you are very lucky to be able to walk to a coffee shop :)

Country Dreaming said...

You snuck this one is and I missed it. Glad I go back sometimes. Great post. We all have a tendency to "wish our lives away" because we are looking forward to something.
In our fast paced society I think it's hard to slow down enough to enjoy what's going on around us.
Enjoy your weather--it's snowing here as I type.


Jen said...

Ahhhh love walks with my kids..Miller and I are going for a walk in about an hour...hoping it warms up some...such a sweet post...we should all live int he season....we only have one life my friend...:)