Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loose ends

I've spent most of the day wrapping up loose ends and getting things in order before I leave town tomorrow. Lots to do in getting myself packed and getting caught up on household stuff before I leave. I've learned not to do too much planning as far as menus and such -- if I leave enough food they'll figure something out, and chances are they'll want to do their own thing anyway.

I'm going with a couple of girlfriends to Albuquerque for a spiritual retreat led by Father Richard Rohr. Fr. Rohr's teachings have played a significant part in my spiritual journey of the past year. He is a Franciscan friar and ordained Catholic priest, as well as the founding director of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque. I first met Fr. Rohr last May when he was in Denver. His writings and talks focus on a number of issues including the integration of action and contemplation, peace and social justice issues, and eco-spirituality. I'm looking forward to a weekend of listening, learning, quiet contemplation and sharing. And quiet. Did I mention the quiet?

Oh, so for the loose ends. Several people asked in the comments or by e-mail if Em and I enjoyed the movie Avatar the other day. The evening before we saw it, it won best picture?, I believe at the Golden Globe Awards. I need to qualify my critique by saying that I'm not a movie buff, which will become quite evident in just a few seconds. I love a good story, in any form, be it a book, play, movie, t.v. show. For me, the thing is the story and it isn't that I have no interest in cinematography, but I'm just not a good person to critique it. Having said that, I was at first mesmerized by the creativity of the movie -- the way the characters were physically formed and all the amazing animals and 'beings.' But, after a while the battle scenes dragged on way too long. The whole movie was, to me, a marriage of Dances With Wolves and Star Wars. The hostile takeover of a group of peaceful, native people, blended with sci-fi creatures and warfare. In fact, don't hate me, but Em felt the same way ("You know how it's going to end,") and we left early (blush.)

Ending on a silly note here. (Pamela, you will appreciate this;) We're actually getting a new puppy in a couple weeks. . . yeah, yeah, I know. More on that later. So for the past few weeks we've been mulling over possible names. First, you should know that our dog Abby is an absolute cookie fanatic. She loves her dog biscuits, and the quickest way to get her attention is to say, "Wanna cookie?" or even just, "Cookie." So, my eldest son, with his twisted sense of humor, suggested we really 'play with Abby's head' and name the new puppy, Cookie. How mean is that?! (I can't stop laughing, what a picture).

Okay, sorry for the discombobulated post. I have to get up at the crack of dawn, I'm fighting a head cold and I need to go to sleep. Catch up with you all on Tuesday;)


Becky said...

You are gone by now. Hope you have a wonderfully filling and refreshing time. Sounds like a dream!

Poor Abby! But that is hilarious!

And ... I have no desire at all to see Avatar. I am just like you ... love a good story ... but it has to be real enough to be believe. Even my fiction reading won't stand the test if a character does something inconsistent ... I'll close the book and give it up.

I did not even like Star Wars. None of them.

Joanne said...

I'm not really a movie buff either, and don't know if I could get into Avatar :/

Sounds like a wonderful getaway you have planned, enjoy the quiet!

Jen said...

I hope you have a wonderful quiet time. It sounds awesome....

You cannot name the dog just cant.

I have not seen Avatar..Scott and Madison were going to see it..but never made it....maybe when its out on HBO....

Flat Creek Farm said...

Enjoy your retreat, and we'll expect puppy pictures soon of course :) -Tammy

Robin said...

Have a wonderful, spiritual, contemplative and QUIET weekend! It sounds fun.

And the puppy- what kind? I love it! New puppies are so much fun. My dogs react the same way to the name "Biscuit"!

RIZZI said...


diana said...

you left before it was over!? i can't believe that. but we all enjoy different things. sorry you didn't like it.

hope you have an awesome weekend. hope the weather doesn't cause any troubles for you and your travels.

i'm leaving town, too. road trip to california - just don and i. we're a little worried about the weather as we try to leave the state. we've decided to try to go over the mountains and head west. it looks like after we get over the mountains, it will be dryer.

anyways, hope you have a great time on your retreat. i look forward to hearing how it went.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'm afraid that I might feel the same way way about AVATAR. My husband, brother and SIL saw it at Christmas and went on and ON about how awesome it was. I kept asking about the plot and all they could talk about were the special effects. Bah. Give me a good story any day of the week and I'll be happy. Good special effects are nice, but I need the story first!