Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pioneer Woman

Wow, it was some party at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver last night. Hundreds of people showed up for Ree Drummond's, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, book signing. She is lovely and gracious, and just as delightful in person as she is on her blog.

Kathy and I met at about 5:00 to have dinner at the restaurant next door. It was fairly empty when we got there, but gradually filled up with tables of two to four to eight women at each. We decided they must all be bloggers, there to see PW. We picked one lady out of a group, with a pink jacket, and decided to watch for her at the book signing.

The event was scheduled for 7:30. At about 6:00 we decided to get some coffee at the bookstore. We walked by the room where the book signing was to be and it was already filling up! So we grabbed a couple of chairs and were lucky enough to squeeze in the second row. In no time the room was packed and overflowing, with more people standing than sitting. I met a new friend, Bonnie, whose sister has a blog.

At 7:00, with little fanfare, Ree walked out to the podium to a very enthusiastic and welcoming crowd. Her mother-in-law and Missy were there, too. The applause continued for a bit and Ree was smiling and very gracious and smiling. She stepped to the podium and spoke for a few minutes and then said she was just going to take questions, admitting that public speaking is not her strong point, although I thought she seemed very poised. For the next 20 minutes, she took questions from the audience, mostly things that we've all read about on her blog, but it was fun to hear from her about it first hand.

Her favorite part of book store appearances is signing her books and it was obvious that she enjoys it, because she took her time with each person who went up and chatted easily, asking questions. She and Kathy were soon discussing a recipe for Kathy's manicotti, and when I told her I'd made the enchiladas in the cookbook, she wanted to talk about how to adjust the spiciness. I think she could have sat there all night, talking to people. She probably did, because the line was a mile long when we left.

We wondered what happened to the lady in the pink jacket, if she ever got her book signed!


Sarah said...

Ahhh, so surreal. Thanks for posting and sharing the experience. How fun! She seems like she is so down to earth and real. Love it!

I still haven't gotten my cookbook (I'm hoping for a present at my birthday) but know I will buy it if I don't get it as a gift!

Melissa said...

I have missed reading your blog.

Your blog is as beautiful as ever.


Joanne said...

I've been seeing more and more about Ree on the blogs, in magazines, etc. Wow, she's got a huge following. Sounds like a fun night, for sure!

Robin said...

How fun was that!!! I have checked her schedule and she is not going to be anywhere near here. I pre-ordered her cookbook and it was mailed last week but I don't have it yet!
Well, at least I sort of know someone who met the Pioneer Woman. I guess that will be my claim to fame LOL!
I'm glad she seems just as genuine in person - and I sure hope all the fame doesn't ruin her.

Susanne said...

How fun! I have never ever been to a book signing.

diana said...

oh... i had no idea she was here. i probably would have tried to make it. and just think, you and i could have met. oh well.

i admit, i don't read her blog daily like i used to but have always felt like she is a real personable person. glad you were able to meet her and enjoy the evening with her.

Kim said...

Hi Karen!
I have just one thing to say....I am so jealous!

What a wonderful evening you had.

RIZZI said...


Romaine said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for visiting my website. My sister Bonnie is my number one fan. Can you tell?

How cool that you got your picture with PW! Can't wait to see her myself.

Good luck with the November blog thing. That would be tough. pr

Bill said...

I have had fun catching up on your blog today. I had to take a computer hiatus for a bit, but I invite you to drop by Planet Bill to read about the fall of Richmond during the Civil War.
I loved reading about the little Mexican cafe in Wondervu, seeing the pictures of the snow at your house, and - I have to say - I'm glad I didn't have to judge the pumpkin contest, because they all looked like winners.
Do you really have a milkman? That is so cool. I love good eggnog, but I cannot stand the factory stuff that comes in the cartons at the grocery store.
Nice catching up with you, Karen!

Jen said...

Pretty cool....i have her book on my Christmas list....lucky you!

Darcy said...

That is soooo awesome! She's supposed to be coming to Los Angeles around the 23rd, and I'd LOVE to drive in to get to see her!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful thing, to be able to go see the Pioneer Woman and have her sign your book :) So cool! Love the picture too, you look beautiful Karen!

Kim H. said...

How fun, Karen! And how fun you got to go with another blogger friend. I am going to meet up with a blogger friend who will be driving over from Knoxville. I'm excited to finally meet her in real life. -- my blogger friend and Ree! :)

And honestly, I cannot imagine Ree being nervous, I mean, we're all humans, right?! :)

Did you catch her on the Bonnie Hunt show? Apparently we don't get that show in Memphis. Go figure.