Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Queen Anne's Lace

One of the things I loved about being back East is the abundance of Queen Anne's Lace along the roadside. I suppose it's considered a weed, but isn't it beautiful? Part of the name comes from the flowers' obvious resemblance to lace, but I learned through Wiki-ped that it's named for Queen Anne because some versions have a red flower in the middle which represents a drop of blood from when the Queen pricked her finger while tatting. I've never seen the flower with a red center, so I'll have to take their word for it.

Like carnations, Queen Anne's Lace can be died by putting the cut ends in water with food coloring. The leaves can cause severe skin rashes, so be careful if you try this! QAL is also known as Wild Carrot, because the root smells like a carrot. And, a teaspoon of the crushed seeds can be used for birth control. Who knew?


Becky said...

A science lesson! Thanks! Who knew??? It is downright pretty so I could care less if it is a weed. And like you, we don't have it at our house either. When we were "down east" in Maine we saw so many new flowers we were not familiar with. Part of the fun of a new place.

Susanne said...

So pretty. I don't think we that around here.

diana said...

it is beautiful. thanks for the informative info =)

Judy said...

I just picked dozens of Queen Anne's Lace over my daughter's backyard fence.

I LOVE them!

Obviously, she doesn't know about their birth control effect, and I'm not about to tell her!