Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chit chat at the fence

Today is the last day of summer vacation for my two younger kids. Tomorrow, Emily will start seventh grade at the local middle school, and Luke will be in high school in his junior year. A couple weeks ago, I thought I had reached the end of my spool, I was so desperate for them to get back in school. But the past week has been full as we've tried to squeeze in last minute activities and get ready for that first day. The school supplies are purchased and in backpacks (old ones from last year, but they are cleaned up and all the stubby pencils and snack crumbs swept out). They each have new sneakers, purchased for our vacation earlier in the summer. A couple new shirts and new pairs of jeans, so they'll be presentable enough.

Yesterday, Em went to see the new, 3-D Ice Age movie with her friend. Luke and I played a round of golf with my dad. Dad thought it would be nice for the kids to learn golf this summer. After I whined and begged and pleaded and pouted, he finally agreed to let me come along, too.

I just started reading a book for my bookclub called Wednesday Sisters, by Meg Waite Clayton. It is set in Palo Alto, California, in 1968, the year that Robert Kennedy is shot and Neil Armstrong walks on the moon. Five women meet, become friends, and form a writing group. I'm always intrigued about this time period. I was just 10 years old, and it was such a pivotal time in not just the country's history, but women's issues as well. At the time I of course didn't have much interest in what was going on, but the fact that it shaped the world for my adult years and for my daughter's life, I sometimes wish I had a better awareness, while living through it all.

Everyone is talking about Julie & Julia. I absolutely loved the movie. In fact, I saw it twice! Not that I was planning to spend $10 twice in one week for a movie, but after seeing it by myself, I was with a couple of girlfriends who wanted to see it. It was equally fun both times. And, as is my habit with movies based on real events or actual people, I came home and googled Julia and Julie and learned so much about the two of them. I checked the library for books about Julia Child and, of course, they're all checked out, so I'll have to wait to do any reading about her. Meryl Streepe is fabulous and captures Julia's joie de vivre as only Meryl can. This joy of life seems to infiltrate the movie and I came away eager to get home and whip up something in the kitchen that requires a pound of butter, and invite all my friends over for dinner.

My dog continues to shed. And shed. And shed some more. Our being away for three weeks was quite traumatic for her. (Dan said, she missed her "pack." Does that mean I get to be the alpha female? I hope so, I love being in charge.) It's a long story, but when Dan realized that leaving her home with a house sitter the final week wasn't going to work (for Abby or the house sitter), we found a place for her to stay with "cabins" instead of kennels, "playrooms" instead of pens, and "campers" instead of canines. And a fancy name that was supposed to justify the sky high rates! When Dan told me we could check in on her via webcam during the day, I knew my vacation budget was going to be shot. But, I have to say, I checked that cam daily and my darling appeared to be very happy. We even got a thank you note and a stack of pictures from the camp director, when Abby came home. Other than shedding all over the house, she seems to have weathered the experience rather well. I would send her again in a heartbeat. She was given lots of attention and hugs, played nicely with others and even got a grooming. I think her vacation was almost as nice as ours.


Country Dreaming said...

Hi Karen--

I hope everone is ready for tomorrow. We have already started here in Kansas. I'm still trying to get used to getting up soooo
Good Luck!


Becky said...

Your doggy vacation story is great. Pictures of her vacation! Really?? Amazing! I love it!

School starts here for us tomorrow. Two college aged sons off to class bright and early. It will be me and the granddog and we have lots of fun planned. He plans to goop up my clean windows and slobber on my clean floors. And I plan to let him.

I am writing that book down too. I get the best books from the blogs I read. I wish I could be in your book club. I need to find me one to join.

And Julia-Julie, I have heard so much great stuff about it. You are the third person I have heard that went twice in one week. Remarkable! I can't wait to see it.

BClark said...

Seems like summer just started and the kids are going back to school. My German Shepherd Duchess used to instantly shed when we would go on trips, you could sweep out these huge piles of hair. Sounds like puppy had a nice vacation,lol.

The rose in my header is a new one I got from Dutch Gardens, came bare root and has grown wonderfully. It is not tropicana(they are a wonderful rose) but I cannot remember the name. They last so nice and long. The only dissapointment is that the fragrance is very light and not real "rosy" I am thinking it was a sub artic rose. Will let you know when I find out for sure.

Sarah said...

That is too funny about your dog...I got a chuckle over that one. Hope your kiddos have a great first day of school and you can enjoy the time as well. Summer is over - bummer!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Karen!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you liked the fairy gardens. It's just such a fun thing.

Back to School time is a glorious time isn't it?? If only the Homework didn't have to start. It would be a perfect time if not for the pains of homework! I'm so happy those days are past for me!

The Queen Anne's lace photo is so beautiful. I have actually seen them with the red flower in the middle. It's a very deep dark red and resembles a drop of blood. Fascinating. Would I have you permission to copy your photo and use it in a future summer post? It's the best I've ever seen!

Loved reading your blog Karen! Have a great week!!

Hugs, sherry

BClark said...

I have the rose info for you, Dutch Gardens, Hardy Sub Zero rose and the name is Maria Stern. They are sold out at the moment but that could change closer to the Spring. I have had great luck with all the plants I have recieved from them.

diana said...

sounds like a good book. i think i'll put it on my reading list.

i would love to be in a book club. i've been thinking a lot about it, not knowing if i should try to start one on my own or try to join an existing group.

how did you get into yours? do all of you get a long and enjoy the same kinds of books? the groups i've been invited into are ones that i don't think i'd enjoy (books types and personalities).

Bill said...

I didn't get a grooming on my vacation. I'm jealous.