Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simple living

Today and tomorrow we're traveling through Pennsylvania. We decided to take a couple of days driving through because we didn't want to rush through Lancaster County and we also want to stop in Gettysburg tomorrow.

I snapped this picture through the window of the car, so it isn't very clear. It was taken on one of the backroads of Lancaster, a boy who looked to be a teenager at the reins of the six mules, hauling a wagon loaded with bales of hay. It was so exciting to see! The farms in Lancaster are so beautiful, with huge barns and silos. The Amish drive their buggies along the side of the road. We loved seeing the little children, the girls in bonnets and the boys in straw hats, peeking out of the back of the buggy windows.

It was a good day. We stopped at some of the Amish shops and a farm where Emily got to feed some of the animals. We got to our hotel late in the afternoon and all took naps before going to dinner. We walked to a nearby restaurant and then took a short walk around some shops before coming back to our room. The weather for this trip has been so beautiful. Today, the temps are in the low 80s, the humidity is low and the skies are blue. Tomorrow -- onward to Gettysburg!


Bee Jay said...

I have to say that Lancaster Pa and surrounding areas is one of my most favourite places. I've been so fortunate to have been there twice - a few years ago - but I just love it. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

Jen said...

Would love to take the kids to Gettysburg. Enjoy that! We love Amish communities too......have fun....

Bill said...

Good Heavens, are you still on the road???
Who's feeding the cat? Who's watering the plants? Is someone taking your pet kangaroo for daily walks while you're gone?
I've been to the Thousand Islands on vacation (beautiful), so I need to catch up on your adventures now.

diana said...

how cool. i think i would enjoy seeing and experiencing this part of pennsylvania too.