Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saying goodbye to LBI

Our week at the shore ended the day before yesterday, but already it seems so long ago. We made lots and lots of good memories. I already miss the sun and the sand, the smell of the suntan lotion, and the sight of all the kids, huddled together around the kitchen table at the end of the day, all tan and sun kissed, heads bowed over a game of some sort.

I also miss the morning breakfasts of fresh bagels, jelly donuts and crumb cake. Coffee on the deck, watching the sun come up. Listening for the bells of the ice cream man. Carrying beach chairs, umbrella, towels and beach bags across the hot sand. Collecting shells. Riding waves. Watching the kids on their boogie boards. Staying up way too late and still rising at the crack of dawn. Marveling at the ocean view every morning and every evening.

We'll bring home lots of memories, baskets of shells, a baggie full of beach sand and pictures galore, and two hermit crabs. I hope they travel well, as we have a long drive home.

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Jen said...

I love the beach as well and the last couple of days is hard to leave....but coming home is so worth it....glad you have had a great time...