Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've been tagged by Diana at Sunshine on My Shoulders to make a list of six UNimportant things that make me happy. These are things that aren't vital to my life, but sure make it more enjoyable.

#1 Making sun tea. . . I love to drink it, as much as I like to hear, "Oh, good, Mom made tea." It's one of the small things that validates my being.

#2 Pentel pens. . .fine point, purple or black ink. I stock up on them. I hide them from the kids. I buy the rest of the family the cheaper pens, by the box, so they won't come looking for my pens.

#3 My neighbor, Pete. . .I'm sure he would be offended to think that he is on a list of UNimportant things, but what I really mean is our exchanges on Friday mornings when we take out our garbage cans. He's a retired Navy guy, one of those big, gruff looking fellows, but nice as can be. I love listening to him talking to his cats:)

#4 Fans . . as in ceiling fans. We have AC, but I would much rather have the windows open and fans going on a nice day.

#5 Magazines. . . these are SO unimportant, but I do love them, especially going through and clipping pictures that I like for decorating ideas or just because. I find them inspiring.

#6 Staples . . . the store. Yes, the entire store. It goes along the lines of the Pentel pens. I just love office supplies, the more fun the colors, the better. Sticky notes, markers, colored files, little push pins that look like old typewriter keys (yes, they have those and they're soooo cute). It puts a bit of whimsy into paying the bills and running a household.

I'm supposed to tag six people. I've noticed most of the people I would think to tag have already done this, except Xandra, and she's moving so I wouldn't dream of putting this on her! If you haven't been tagged then, THERE, you're it! Make your list and let me know in the comments so I can come by and check it out!


Melissa said...


You have listed such simple and beautiful things that make you happy. I guess that's what life is all about, finding happiness in simplicity.


Sarah said...

I love your list and would share your love for office supplies! I can't wait until fall to have an excuse to buy school supplies, even though we always have some left over from the year before! I always think there will be something there to help me become MORE organized!

Susanne said...

A pen with purple ink. I have so got to get me one of them unimportant things because that would make me happy! At staples you say?

I have never tried sun tea. I'll have to give it a go this summer. I've got a recipe from a friend.

Great list Karen!

Joanne said...

Great list, Karen. There is something about Staples. We used to have a locally owned stationery store in town, and I loved going there. Now it's a pizza joint, but it'll always have that stationery store charm.

diana said...

what a great list! thanks for playing along.

i understand the whole pen things and even being a fan of office supplies. i'm a little like that, but my daughter is a major addict.

and i'm the same way with ceiling fans. i'm not a big fan of A/C but have to use it some times. but i'd much rather have the windows wide open and a fan circulating the fresh air.

Jen said...

I will do it tomorrow or later tonight...great list...I love the neighbor one...

Jen said...

I did it.

Kim said...

I love office supplies too--AND Pentel pens! I have to hide mine at home, but I really have to hide my pens at work--one of the perils of sitting at the front desk. What is mine is theirs!

I saw from a previous post that you are sewing aprons. Do you have some favorite patterns? Do you have pictures? I am thinking of sewing aprons for Christmas gifts for my mom, daughter, sister and grandma but I want them to be special and maybe vintage.

Hope you have a great week!