Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seasons change

This week seems to really have marked the passage of spring to summer. We've had 90 degree days. We put the air conditioning on for the first time this year. It's too hot to sit out on the back porch until late afternoon.

On Saturday, my daughter played her final soccer game of the season, and no sooner had the soccer bag been put away (wait a minute, it's still on the floor in the family room), then she pulled out her softball glove and was playing catch to warm up for Monday night's practice.

Son #2 didn't miss a beat, sliding from regular baseball season into summer league. He has three games this week.

Son #1 is preparing for a long summer in Tacoma without his college friends. Most of them have taken off for the summer, and he is experiencing his first summer ever without a break, as he is in the workforce now.

DH's softball league started playing a couple weeks ago. As if we don't get enough bleacher time, Tuesday evenings will find Emily and I down at the park, watching Dad pitch and Luke playing outfield.

My flowers are planted and I'm going to look for some rosebushes this week. I've started my summer routine of going out first thing in the morning, watering the pots of flowers on the front porch and starting a pitcher of sun tea on the back porch.

The kids have just one week of school left. Then it's official, summer will be here to stay.


BClark said...

So busy and with such neat things. I tend to lose track of time as I have no special routine. This is a good thing and a bad thing, but I cope. Enjoy all your kid things they seem to pass all too soon. Today was our first really warm day, 89. Soil should be warm enough to plant soon, lots of wind though.

Jen said...

Sund Tea.....I need to do this too. Scott waters the flowers in the front in the mornings and I do the back yards. I wish I had the energy to get out and exercise....maybe someday.
Madison doesnt have alot going on this summer...it actually may be the last easy going summer we ever have..Miller starts ball in teh fall so we will be those parents at the ball parks all the time....
enjoy...the ball games...our kids get out next Friday...whoo hoo on the summer time!

diana said...

i've been in DC and it hasn't been hot here. in fact, there were a couple of cold days, so i'm looking forward to getting back and starting my summer. i love going out early when the temperature is still enjoyable. here's to a great summer in colorado!

Joanne said...

Baseball, gardens, back porches, flowers ... what a perfect time of year summer is. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

Oh, I just laughed and laughed reading your previous post - sounds SO much like things I would do (and actually do!)

Sounds like summer sports are underway!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Wasn't it just Christmas????


Susanne said...

Wow, I'm still waiting for consistent spring. Sunday was in the high 70's and this morning we woke up to 24*. There is no way my flowers get put in their beds until the last weekend of the month of May.

Linda said...

Your morning routine sounds heavenly. Isn't this a great time of year?!