Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Favorites

Thanks to Susanne for doing Friday's Fave Five. Here are a few favorite parts of my week and some favorite things all around.

1. ER. What a great show. The series finale was on Thursday night. Thank goodness for Netflix, we'll get to watch it all over again.

2. Paint! I'm on a roll again, and spent Thursday painting the upstairs hallway and landing. In a matter of hours it was transformed from flat white to a soft, warm "Ripe Wheat." Now, I stand up there and feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and imagine I'm out in a field. I live a simple life. Or is it that I'm really simple? Don't answer that.
3. Cookbooks. The small binder filled with copies of recipes written in my Grandmother's hand. A set covered with red check paper that belonged to my Gram. The Betty Crocker Cookbook that my mom got at one of her wedding showers. My own collection of Tea Recipes, Southwestern cooking, the Better Homes Cookbook that was a gift from my Aunt Sheila for my wedding shower. Souvenior cookbooks. Some of the books are worn and the pages are splattered from being used so many times. Others have been used only a few times, but I love just browsing through them. Cookbooks. Definitely a favorite.
4. Friday's have become a special day because it's when my aunt and I work together in our parish library. As the librarians, we've been sorting through the collection, and finding space for new books. It's satisfying to work side by side, accomplishing much, talking as we go or working in companionable silence. After a few hours, we go to Panera for lunch. Then, if the spirit moves us, we do a little shopping. Lovely way to end the week!
5. My new favorite drink. Starbucks shaken iced tea lemonade. Tastes just like the kind Mom used to make:)


Brenda said...

How nice to paint a little, and to go to the library! Nice five.

Renna said...

Karen, I clicked to enlarge the photo of your cookbooks. I found myself wanting to pull several down from the shelf and browse through them! ;-)

I've always thought I could enjoy working in a library. There is something so magical about books.

That's quite an imagination you have there, standing on your stair landing...;-Þ

Becky said...

I'm going to have to try that new drink. Sounds yummy.

I will miss all my ER friends. What a great run. I loved the finale too. It was just right.

And I have some of those same cookbooks. The oldies but goodies, when they had no idea what cholesterol was :)

Jerralea said...

I have quite a few cookbooks, too, and I love them all. I read them for fun. I see you and I have the same one, Better Homes and Gardens with the red plaid cover. My only problem is where to store them all!

Your Fridays sound like a lovely day working in the library with your aunt. The library ladies come to my church on Tuesdays to work, and they always go to lunch together, too.

Enjoyed your list. Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

Well, now you fave list is a list of lots of my faves. :v)

I heart cookbooks. I love to browse through them and look at the pics. I find it very hard to get rid of any cookbooks even though I haven't used a particular one a whole lot.

I love working in the church library. And I'm loving your choice of paint color! And Starbucks? Well, what can I say? :v)

daisy said...

Painting, cookbooks, library, and teas. Simply delightful, I agree.

And it sounds like the Starbucks beverage could be a new favorite for me, too.

Cherie said...

The time that you get to spend with your aunt sounds wonderful! :)

Sarah said...

Love your faves and your little pun about being on a "roll" with your painting...hahahahaha.

I haven't been able to move to the cold drinks yet at Starbucks. It has to be a lot warmer around here before I order cold stuff! :) But, soon it will be stinkin' hot and I'll be begging for that drink!

have a great day!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

What wonderful things on your Friday list! You know, I think that paint color is wonderful, I'm going to have to check that one out :) The only problem is, I hate to paint :(

I love cookbooks too, and have many. My least used but most sentimental one is from my grandmother. It's not that it's that old (it's from the 60's or 70's), but that she got it for me, wrote notes next to recipes and generally personalized it for me :)

Yum, I'll have to remember that tea at Starbucks too,sounds good!

Have a wonderful weekend and Easter week coming up, my friend!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I love it that your cookbook shelf looks JUST LIKE mine! A little of this, a little of that, old and new all mixed together!


Melissa said...


The watercolor painting on my blog comes from

She is an amazing artist.


diana said...

i love all five! i can see why they're your fave.

i watched the show finale, too. loved it and even though i haven't enjoyed the last season or so as much as the earlier ones, it was a great show and i'm sad to see it go.

working with books sounds wonderful and calming. thanks for sharing your favorite parts of your week.

Kim said...

I am loving that ice tea drink at Starbucks too! I think it will be very refreshing, especially, this summer. Wish we could meet and have a glass together. :)

Jen said...

Ohhhhh a new drink to try..thanks so much for the hint on it...I'm going to get it tomorrow.
I love how you spend time with your great. Panera bread is awesome too......and I loved the way they ended was perfect.

gail@more than a song said...

I still haven't watched the ER finale, it's on my dvr but I'm several shows behind and want to savor it all. I think they've had some awesome shows in this their final year.
I'm behind on everything and trying to catch up!