Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baseball and bunnies and such

I am typing this with just one eye open, as it is late and I'm waiting for my son to call and tell me to come pick him up. The baseball team had a game wa-a-a-ay out in eastern Colorado. An hour and a half drive one way. And the bus was an hour and a half late coming to get the kids after school, so the game was delayed. Thankfully, both of my kids have a 'late start' tomorrow for school, so we can sleep in a bit.

Speaking of late starts, Spring seems to be having a tough time getting itself going this year. We had some beautiful weather in March -- in like a lamb -- and then towards the end of the month, the snows came. And stopped. And started again. And the month went out like a lion. I'm to the point where I just enjoy each beautiful day that comes along, as who knows what tomorrow will bring? I used to think that the expression, "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change," was unique to Colorado. But from reading other bloggers in different parts of the country, it seems that spring has the same, fickle personality everywhere.

I love it when Easter falls during the month of April. It seems that is where it belongs. Easter heralds the arrival of spring and has a better chance of doing so in April. Trudging through snow and slush to get to church, and hiding eggs when it's snowing outside. . . it just doesn't seem right.

There's a bunny that has been in residence in our back yard since we moved in last summer. He hides under the back deck and every so often I see him in the front yard, snuggled in beneath a potentilla bush. I'm surprised he hasn't moved out and found new digs, since our dog would like nothing better than to capture him. Not out of meaness, as Abby doesn't have a mean bone in her body. But, chasing critters is what dogs do, and she has been stealthy enough to capture birds and even a squirrel. I'm sure she'd love to add rabbit to her list of conquests.

Meanwhile, Luke texted me that the bus would soon be arriving, so I drove over to the high school to meet it. About a dozen cars waited under the lights in the otherwise deserted parking lot. Parents in the driver seats, leaning back and resting their eyes, longing for sleep. The bus lumbered in and a group of weary boys, lugging baseball bags and backpacks dragged themselves off and to their respective cars. On the way home, I got the play by play of the game, which was their first loss of the season. Bummer.

It's past midnight and time for bed. 'Night all.


BClark said...

That was a long night, and a shame the boys lost. I guess we chalk them up to life lessons. As parents we want them to always be winners, once they are out in the cold cruel world they learn different.
Your comments on the weather are so true, I have heard the same from every corner. I had always pictured Vegas as warm or hot, son says has been very cool.
Hope you rested well.

Becky said...

Well ... it says this was posted at 10:27 p.m. Must be eastern time and you are in mountain time. Sorry about the loss.

I see that your Rockies will be playing our Cubs soon. In Chicago. That will be fun.

Have a great week. Careful of that bunny. Could be nesting season.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'm with you on this weather! I wish it would just make up it's mind already!!


Renna said...

Ah, how well I remember that chapter of parenting. Not the highlight, maybe, but treasure it still, as they'll be grown and gone all too soon.

I do hope the bunny survives Abby.

Kim said...

Bummer about the game loss--we are all too familiar with that scenario! My boys' season starts in a few weeks and I am trying to gear up. The good thing is that Austen drives now and can get himself to his games while one of us gets there as soon as possible after work. It was a killer last year as both boys tended to have games at completely different parks at the same time. I am thinking this will be Austen's last year to play and boy will this be bittersweet. He has always so loved the game. Thinking about him as a senior next year already gets me weepy.

I am with you on the spring thing--it is cold and dreary here again and chance of rain/snow (slurry) showers again on Monday. Man! You would think we lived in the midwest, not Seattle!! ;) And yes, also, Easter definitely belongs in April although this year it will be feeling like March.

Have a very blessed Easter, Karen.
He is risen. He is risen, indeed.


diana said...

today (saturday) it's raining and it's supposed to be like this tomorrow, easter, too. rain's okay, but i'm ready for sun and warmth.

oh how i remember those days of waiting to hear from my son of when the bus was arriving back home and waiting, while resting my eyes, in the long line of other cars waiting for the return of the athletic warriors. sorry the boys lost.

hope you have a wonderful easter.

Sarah said...

Hi Karen -

Just stopping by to visit you today as I haven't had a chance this week. Hope you got caught up on your sleep and are in good form for the Easter weekend!

Have a blessed Easter - my daughter would think that the Easter bunny had moved in. :)

Jen said...

You dont even want to know what Lucky did to a baby rabbit last fall here...dont ask....I miss seeing our rabbits out back....but they were smart to move away.