Friday, February 6, 2009

10 Things I Do Every Day

1. Take my kids to school. On weekdays, of course. The kids' schools are three miles away, and we're "out of district". I have always driven my kids to school. When DH is in town, he drives Luke to the high school. When he's away, I take Luke at 7:10, then come back to give Em breakfast, and take her to the middle school at 8:00. At 3:00, I pick up Luke, then swing by and get Em.

2. The Rocky Mountain News crossword puzzle.

3. Watch, or listen, to portions of the Today Show. I like Meredith and Matt and Al and Ann.

4. Make my bed.

5. Take medicine for high cholesterol.

6. Think of my mom. She's been gone eight years, but I think of her every day and remember the lessons she taught me. It comforts me.

7. Read. Some days it's only for five minutes, but I usually read before going to sleep at night.

8. Make lists. I don't always follow them, but I need them to "park" my ideas or everything goes out the window.

9. Drink at least 6 glasses of water.

10. Pray. I try to read a devotional of some sort every morning. It's hit or miss. But I do get a prayer in, even if it's while I'm in the shower. And at night. I usually fall asleep while saying my prayers, but I think they still 'count.'

**Edited to add: If you'd like to join in on this "meme", please do, and let me know. I'd love to learn more about your day;)


Paula @ the Little Young House said...

I feel certain they still count, for if they don't, I may be in trouble! I have sometimes fell asleep, as well, saying my prayers as I lay in bed at night! Loved your post! Have a lovely weekend! ~Paula

BClark said...

PDriving the children gives you a little more alone time with them, which is good.
I am so unstructured right now, the only thing I do on schedule is feed the goats and the outside cats. They are very vocal if I am late. I sneak prayers in at different times during the day.

Becky said...

We do a lot of the same things every day ... read, pray, watch Matt and Meredith, drink water, make our beds, and take cholesterol meds to name a few. I no longer have to drive anyone to school and, in fact, spend days on end without ever driving in a car. But that is the way I like it.

Have a great weekend, Karen. Great list.

Judy said...

Hey! Me too! We have much in common, but I hardly ever drive any more and I am THRILLED not to.

Great post, Karen.

(May I borrow it?)

Jerralea said...

I do a lot of those same things every day, but I'm not so good at the water. I do drink water every day but I can't always get 6 down.

I definitely think it counts to pray even if you fall asleep. What better thing to have in your subconscious than talking to your Father?

daisy said...

Hi Karen! I'm going to post mine tomorrow evening--I like this meme. I thought it would be easier than it was, but it wasn't bad.

I think it is in the everyday meat and potatoes of life that the magic happens. That's where the foundation is built, and the consistency creates connections for our families.

Renna said...

Karen, it's fun peeking into the windows of our friends, seeing what their normal day is like. This was a neat idea!

I borrowed your button, and did the meme on my blog, too.

Bill said...

I wish our moms had known each other. I think they would have been good friends.
Maybe they are now!

Jen said...

I will so do this next week. I enjoy looking into other peoples lives on day to day schedule.
I like it that you do a crossword puzzle daily. I may pick up a book of them today and start them up. You know I'm not an avid reader and keep concentration with that but maybe the crossword puzzle.
When you get up and take the kids to you completely get ready? Always wondering if people get ready. Scott takes Madison so I lounge in the am. On days he cant take her...she rides the bus.

My day to day is getting normal but Scott is working around the clock. He is off tomorrow so we will be cleaning up the yard. I will post some before and after shots next week of my yard. It's crazy would die.

Susanne said...

How precious that you think of your mom daily!

I'm the same way with lists. I make scads of them. It always feels so good even if I can only cross one thing off.

I think I'll do this one next week sometime!

diana said...

it's a great meme. i think i'll have to do it, too. i'll let you know when.

what are you going to do if the rocky mountain news goes belly up? (i heard it could be soon.) i'm assuming you do it from the paper and not online.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'm laughing because I make my bed once a week when I change the sheets!


Amy said...

My friend Renna introduced me to you meme so I'm playing too.

Its nice to meet you :-)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, great post! My mom did the crossword puzzle every morning, but for whatever reason, I never got into them (love other word games though). My mom has been gone 6 1/2 years and I still miss her and think of her every day, also. I watch the Today Show most days, make my bed every take, take my rx pills every day, read every day and make a list every day (although sometimes it's just in my head and not written down). Sounds like we're twins separated at birth, huh?! :)

Have a wonderful day Karen!

gail@more than a song said...

Fun! I do facebook games instead of crossword puzzles but as Stacy said, our mom did them every day. I think she's been gone about 6 or so years now. I have to read every day! Make my bed, pray, drink water, watch the Today show and I love making lists...I still like mine on paper.

Laura said...

Hmm, 10 things I do everyday. Go to the bathroom at least 10 times--what with drinking all of that water and having let the birth of my daughters ruin my plumbing. That's the constant. Everything else fluctuates.