Monday, February 16, 2009

Goin' fishin'

So here's the story on our cruise. I'm still in disbelief that we're doing this, because our vacations typically involve taking kids and a dog in a 24' camper. And I think that's going in style because we used to camp in a tent. So to have a fridge, a real mattress AND a potty. . . well, that's just luxury in my book. So to go on a ship that has spas, shopping and a movie theatre! I'm thrilled!

When Dan and I met, he and his best friend owned a rental property -- a duplex that they lived in one side and rented out the other. Within a year of our meeting, we were getting married, and Rick met Pam, and they got married. Both couples moved into their respective houses, and the rental property remained an investment that the guys have been handling ever since. For a long time, Pam and I grumbled about it. A lot. After all, why should they be down there fixing someone else's sink (and going out to lunch and drinking a beer afterward), when they could be home fixing ours (and not going out to lunch or drinking a beer afterward)?

So, the guys got smart and several times a year we would go to dinner "on the company." Between that and the tax write-off, Pam and I begrudgingly gave up complaining about that dang duplex.

Then, at one of our "company" dinners last summer, Pam and I said, Don't you think it's time "the company" took us on a trip? (I would like to say that we batted our eyelashes and looked coy. But with 48 years of marriage between us, it was more like elbows-on-table with knives-in-hand). Picture both Dan and Rick, forks halfway to their mouths which have dropped open, and that "oh, cr*p" expression on their faces.

So, one thing led to another, and that's how we're going on a cruise with two of our best friends, celebrating our 25th anniversaries.

I don't know if I'm the cruising type. But, I do know that I'm the spend-a-week-on-the-ocean-with-the-love-of-my-life-without-the-kids type:)

We leave on Friday, fly to Miami, and then spend seven days in the eastern Carribean, visiting four different islands. I will take copious notes and tell you all about it when we get back!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a thought or two

In my last post, I made a (very weak) joke about my husband being 53 years old and I am 27. I was just being silly when I wrote that. I really don't have a problem admitting that I'm 50 years old. It is what it is.

Fifty is a great number and brings to mind a lot of great things. Like the 50 stars on the American flag. The 1950s when saddle shoes and poodle skirts were all the rage. For 50th anniversaries it means gold, and who doesn't love that. It reminds me of the song by Paul Simon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, which is a catchy little tune. And in high school, my basketball jersey was number 50.

Age is just a number, people say. It doesn't mean anything. Not the way it means something to me when my hairdresser tells me that the increasingly gray hair at my temples is getting tougher and tougher to highlight, so "we" are going to have to start dying the gray back to my original color, and then highlight on top of that. And I'm wondering, how long does that mean I have to sit in this blasted chair every time "we" do that? Maybe I'll just live with the gray.

While 50 is just a number, it is significant to me that, for our upcoming cruise next week, for the first time ever I don't care what my bathing suit looks like. Because at this stage in my life, I've discovered how fun beach cover ups can be, and I have an entire wardrobe of them. (And, yes, I said "bathing" suit. That's what people my age call them, not "swim" suits.)

I don't mind being 50, but I do mind that my ankles creak so much when I walk up stairs that my DH says, "You could never be a spy. People could hear you coming from a mile away."

There's nothing wrong with being 50. Except that every calorie seems to count as if it were 50, and my memory operates at about 50%. When I started this post, I had a whole list of reasons in my head of why 50 may be a great number, but this getting old stuff isn't for pansies. But, I can't remember them!

Still, I choose to look at the bright side. As DH says, "Getting old isn't so bad. It beats the alternative."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Favorites on Friday

Happy Friday! It's time for Friday's Fave Five.

These are a few of my favorite things. . .
1. Packages in the mail . . . today, a valentine from my Aunt Madeline
2. And speaking of valentines. . . I love them. All of them! They come in all shapes and sizes, and the best kinds are chocolate;)
3. The Better Homes and Gardens Website . . . I could browse here for hours. Their decorating ideas are scrumptious.
4. Lipstick. . . I bought some new lipstick this week (Estee Lauder had a gift with purchase, and their lipstick is one of my guilty indulgences.)

So, do tell. What are some of your favorite things? Better yet, hop on over to Susanne's and join in on the fun!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Simply Monday

For Today...Monday, February 9, 2009

Outside my window... the sky is gray and it's chilly outside. We're supposed to get some winter weather this week.

I am thinking... twelve more days and we leave for our cruise!

I am thankful for... Dunkin' Donuts coffee

From the kitchen... spaghetti and meatballs for supper.

I am wearing... the usual. . . jeans, v-neck long-sleeved t-shirt and sneakers

I am reading... this week's lesson for Bible Study

I am hoping... for good report cards;)

I am creating... some Valentine boxes for my friends who are coming to Bible Study at my house tomorrow night. Candles, chocolates, goodies.

I am hearing... The Today Show on in the other room.

Around the house... Our powder room is freshly painted. The house is fairly clean, because we had company Saturday night.

One of my favorite things... being a Eucharistic minister at church. No matter how unworthy I feel when I get there, I feel so at peace afterward, being a servant of God.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Bible Study meets here tomorrow night, so I need to come up with an easy, light supper. Eye dr., vet (never did get the dog in last week), dr. appointment for one of the kids. Shop for a couple things for DH for our trip. Valentine's Day on Saturday! One of my favorite holidays.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
Here's Abby wearing Emily's neck pillow. It has speakers in it, so she can listen to her Ipod when it's hooked up. It's a dog's life.

Join in the fun and share your own daybook! Here's the link: The Simple Woman's Daybook

Friday, February 6, 2009

10 Things I Do Every Day

1. Take my kids to school. On weekdays, of course. The kids' schools are three miles away, and we're "out of district". I have always driven my kids to school. When DH is in town, he drives Luke to the high school. When he's away, I take Luke at 7:10, then come back to give Em breakfast, and take her to the middle school at 8:00. At 3:00, I pick up Luke, then swing by and get Em.

2. The Rocky Mountain News crossword puzzle.

3. Watch, or listen, to portions of the Today Show. I like Meredith and Matt and Al and Ann.

4. Make my bed.

5. Take medicine for high cholesterol.

6. Think of my mom. She's been gone eight years, but I think of her every day and remember the lessons she taught me. It comforts me.

7. Read. Some days it's only for five minutes, but I usually read before going to sleep at night.

8. Make lists. I don't always follow them, but I need them to "park" my ideas or everything goes out the window.

9. Drink at least 6 glasses of water.

10. Pray. I try to read a devotional of some sort every morning. It's hit or miss. But I do get a prayer in, even if it's while I'm in the shower. And at night. I usually fall asleep while saying my prayers, but I think they still 'count.'

**Edited to add: If you'd like to join in on this "meme", please do, and let me know. I'd love to learn more about your day;)

Monday, February 2, 2009

For Today...

Outside my window. . . a beautiful day. Warm temps, sunshine. I wish I could send some of it to my friends, Jen and Trailboss, in Kentucky

I am thinking . . . that we had a nice weekend. Two of my brothers and their families were here Saturday night. Lots of talking, food, laughter.

I am thankful for... a husband who is so tolerant of my whims, such as "let's paint the powder room this weekend," and he puts everything aside and helps me.

From the kitchen... Salmon cakes, noodles, salad

I am wearing... jeans, long sleeved t-shirt, sneakers.

I am reading... The God of Our Deepest Longings by Peter Van Breeman

I am hoping... I remain caught up with work this week. I feel so much better when I stay on track.

I am creating... Valentine treats

I am hearing... Jason Michael Carroll on the radio.

Around the house. . . needs some tidying up, cleaning, laundry, the usual.

One of my favorite things...doing the daily crossword puzzle.

A few plans for the rest of the week... take the dog to the Vet, friends coming for dinner on Saturday, the usual kids' activities.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
this was one week ago.