Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snow on the back yard fence

Beautiful, isn't it?

I wish I could say it was as serene in the front of the house. This morning, we woke to about four inches of snow. Hubs is out of town, and I was feeling industrious, so I bundled up, grabbed a shovel and went out to scoop the front stoop, sidewalks and part of the driveway. It's a triple driveway, so I did the old "just a path to get to the mailbox."

I should mention here, that our driveway is not very long, but it's very steep.

I took the kids to school, and when I got back to our house, paused at the end of the drive to get a little running start. Went sliding and skating all over the place. My neighbor across the street was out with the snow blower, and it was roaring away, so I don't think he noticed my lame attempt to get up the drive. I casually rolled the car back down the drive, going sideways, and parked in front of the house. We exchanged pleasantries. He looked a bit puzzled at the tire tracks running sideways on my driveway. "Couldn't get up the drive, huh?"

I went and got the shovel, thinking I'd scoop a little more. And with that, went skating down the drive. Thankfully, by this time, the neighbor was busy with his snow blower again, back turned, so he missed that little display.

Nonchalantly, I crawled back up the driveway, put the shovel away, and went inside, closing the garage door behind me.

Note to Hubs: Sweetie, we need to get the snow blower going. Note to self: Next time, get the teenager that lives upstairs to scoop the snow. (Isn't that what teenage boys are for?)


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Holy Moly! This is why I live in southeast Texas!! Bless your heart...


Becky said...

That is funny! And that is exactly what upstairs teens are for:)

When we lived in IL we had a driveway that was very, very long and curved into an alley behind our house, off of which was our garage. Behind us was a man who made a winter living by plowing with his truck. Guess how he got from his garage, where he stored his plow, to the street?

Right down our driveway! In the years we lived in that house we never once had to plow our driveway. And I baked him a lovely treat every Christmas.

diana said...

we have a 3 car driveway too and every year i think about going out and buying a snowblower. it would come in handy so often... but often enough to make it worth the money? i don't know. the older i get, the more i hate to shovel.

we got about 6 inches. how about you?

Renna said...

When I saw the picture of the beautiful snow, I was all set to post "I will not covet...I will not covet...I will not covet". After reading what you had to go through with said snow, I no longer had to convince myself not to covet. ;-Þ

Shannon said...

I find that if you bribe them with hot chocolate it happens very quickly! Or- it is Colorado. If you can wait a day the sun will come out and melt it all away :)

Jen said...

I was thinking your son should shovel too....great minds think alike...I was giggling however about the part you slid down the drive again....I can see you now.

Rachelle said...

So pretty!

gail@more than a song said...

Your picture is so pretty!
And yes, that must be what teenage boys are for, let us know how that works out!