Friday, December 12, 2008

Rrrr-uM! Cake

One of our Christmas traditions is Dan's Rum Cake. Well, not Rum Cake, but Rrrr-um! Cake. If you are a fan of the Dick VanDyke Show, apparently that is where the tradition originated. I remember watching episodes of the show with Laura and Rob Petrie. But for Dan's family, the show is part of their culture. And the RrruM!Cake episode still sends them into gales of laughter.

T.V. aside, these little loaves are loaded with holiday cheer. Dan makes a batch every year. One evening earlier this week, the kitchen was filled with the most heavenly aroma as he slaved away. And then, the next day, he and the kids went off to work/school, and left all the little cakes sitting in the kitchen, wrapped up and awaiting their fate. And, wouldn't you know, by the time he got home that night, one of the little suckers had escaped? It was too much for me. Everytime I went into the kitchen, the little bugger was calling my name. So, I ate him.


justabeachkat said...

Hehehe! It's so amazing how things just call out to us. It's chocolate for me. Chocolate is not safe anywhere in our house, including the stockings I've already stuffed!!!

I hope you're enjoying the Holidays.

BTW...I did a post on how my Mom and I made our cinnamon stick Santas. Stop by when you can.


Robin said...

Of course you did. Surely that's what they were expecting -what with leaving them all out on display like that!

Jen said... just ate him. Your killing me. I start heavy baking next week...I have done some candy...but my breads and cakes and muffins come next week.

BClark said...

Well those sure sound delicious. Sneaky little devils, does Dan share the recipe?? Cracked me up about the show, sounds like my husband. He can watch the same movies and tv shows over and over, and laugh. Hearing him gets me going. Can't stand the shows, but love his laugh.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! Sometimes those goodies just can't be resisted!


Kim said...

Sarah and I did some baking yesterday while the wind blew and we waited for the snow we finally received to arrive. Quite warm and cozy and Christmasy.

I love snow, but with all our hills around here and lack of snow removal equipment it can really snarl things up and complicate things. I don't like it so much the week before Christmas as I can't really get around in it in my car to get my Christmas errands done!

It is 27* and windy right now and poor Kerry is outside putting the outside faucet covers on...brrr!

I sure hope your Joe gets home safely---how wonderful to get him home so early! I don't think my Andrew will will be down until closer to Christmas Eve due to his work schedule. :(

OH, and hey! Are you going to post your recipe for that Rrrrr-uM cake?? It looks and sounds delicious. :)