Monday, November 10, 2008

For Today

FOR TODAY, November 10, 2008...

Outside my window...The sky is overcast, beautiful shades of gray that look like they've been painted in watercolors

I am thinking..about what a nice weekend it was. There was nothing on the calendar. On Saturday night we went out to eat and to the mall. It's crazy there on Saturday evenings! Not sure we'll do that very often, but it was something different. Luke ran into some friends and went to a movie with them. On Sunday, Dan went to a car race with a friend. It was a nice weekend, we got some chores done and had some fun, too. A good balance.

From the kitchen...Something from a new cookbook I picked up, Taste of Home Casseroles.

I am wearing...Jeans, long sleeved shirt and funky socks.

I am creating...more color in the house! Painted the living room over the weekend. I will post a picture soon.

I am stay home today, except for chauffering kids to school and back.

I am reading...Loving Frank, a fictional account of Frank Lloyd Wright, and Escaping Into the Open, by Elizabeth Berg

I am hoping...that all the fuss about Sara Palin will just stop. I didn't vote for her ticket, but no one deserves to be raked over the coals like she is. She gave the past few months of her and her family's life to her country and I admire her for that.

I am hearing...the heat come on in the house and a funny little bird chirping outside the window.

Around the house...hang some curtains, give the kitchen a good cleaning, dust and vacuum.

One of my favorite calls from Joey.

A few plans for the rest of the week: The kids don't have school tomorrow. Indoor soccer starts on Saturday. Not much on the calendar, which is really nice.

Here is picture thought I am sharing. . . Abby

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Shannon said...

I miss the sky of Colorado. Watching the clouds, or a storm roll in, or best of all the bright blue sky that happens most of the time! It took years to get used to looking at the trees of New England instead!

diana said...

do you think you'll get snow today? i'm kinda hoping we do. haven't seen the white stuff falling from the sky in a while.

i agree with your thoughts on sarah palin. the election is over and done with. let's move on.

nice to hear your thoughts for today.

annie said...

I agree too about Palin.
Have a great Monday.

Jen said...

Great day book. Our kids are in service tomorrow......

Sharon said...

Hi Karen,

You, indeed, had a productive, yet fun weekend. I love that fun for you is being with your family, or wanting to hear from them :)

Good job on the painting -- I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Almost each time I complete the Daybook, I am challenged by my lack of creativity....or at least thinking of how I am being creative, etc. I love that it gives me time to gather those thoughts -- it also puts me in the right frame of gratitude mindset to God, for how he works in my life -- and all the other Daybook women. Have a blessed week,