Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

The kids started back to school today. For some reason, this typically momentous occasion was without the usual fanfare this year.

There was no unfurling of the flag on the front porch, a long time family tradition for the first day. Our flag has been hanging every day since my brother, Matt, left for Iraq in March. And it will be waving until he comes home.

We were low key in gathering school supplies. In fact, most of the shopping was done as we blasted through Target in search of shelving, robe hooks, shelf paper, and assundry items for the new house. Almost as an afterthought, we grabbed pencils and pens, notebook paper, spirals. Stuff that needed to be replenished. I told the kids to go through last year's supplies for rulers, pencil bags and such. Emily got a new backpack, since it's her first year of middle school, but generally I like to make them last a couple years. They did both get new sneakers -- definitely a ritual of the new school year. It's still so dang hot outside, they're wearing summer clothes, so we'll take inventory in a couple weeks and see what they need.

However, we kept our tradition of Dad's special "first day of school breakfast." This year it was pancakes, sausage and OJ. And coffee for me:)

Emily was quite independent when I dropped her in front of the school, heading off without a glance back. Dan and I are both missing having a child in grammar school. No more field day, no more costumes made out of paper or sheets for school plays, no more construction paper artwork for the refrigerator. Sigh.

Once the kids were out the door and Dan gone to work, I drank in the deliciousness of a quiet house and being able to fall back into my Monday morning routine. I spent much of the day on work, had coffee with my dad and Lois (my SIL who happens to be Matt's wife:), and made a big pot of spaghetti sauce for supper. The kids were home by 3:30 with lots to tell about their new teachers and classes. And both of them had homework already.

Tomorrow, Day 2. I can't wait:)


Boomeyers said...

My oldest went back last week, so all is quiet here. I wish I did'nt have to work so much, so I could enjoy it! Last week when I had a day at home alone, I went back to bed until 11! Decadent!

Jen said...

Spaghetti Sauce sounds really good. Homemade I'm sure. My family loves homemade. We have been in school for 2 weeks now...we have already had 2 tests and homework...our back to school night is coming up which I'm looking forward to.
I like it when the school year starts back up it gives me structure and a schedule.....don't get me wrong I love summertime and all the frills that go with it...but structure is what I need in your time alone.

Trailboss said...

My daughter started on Aug 5th. Just way too early in my opinion. I can't believe she is a junior in high school. And she is my baby!

I did the same thing w/the school supplies. I went to Walmart and bought spirals for $.05 each and binders for $.50 each. Great prices! I would have bought all of the spirals they had but there were 2 other mothers w/their hands in them and after all, I didn't want to be rude and snatch them all!

BClark said...

Since mine are all grown I am out of the loop of "back to school". I do so remember it, wanting the kids to have all they needed and somehow always missing something. The excitment and butterflies in the tummies. Hugs to kids

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I know you're glad to have your days back to yourself, although it must feel a little strange with the new house and everything. Mine are stil young enough that they want me to go to the classroom with them on the first day of school! I'm hanging on to that for as long as I can...


Robin said...

Life does become a whirlwind when the kids get older. Throw in a move and - WOW!
When my kids were in high school we didn't even do back to school shopping. It was always so hot they were still wearing their summer clothes - so we waited until Christmas and got school clothes then.

Kim said...

We will have an odd beginning of the school year here too. Sam will be starting middle school on September 2nd--which qualifies him for a new backpack too! But Austen, because he is taking all his classes except for band at the community college won't start full time until the last week of September. He will start 0 hour jazz band (6:30 a.m.) on the 2nd of September and will need to go back each day for 4th period wind symphony but we won't have both boys with that back to school feeling together.

We are cringing at all the fees we are having to cough up--it sure gets expensive the older they get!

(looking forward to seeing pics of the inside of your gorgeous new house!! hint...hint... :) )