Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Tale of the Pesky Puppy, Part I

Yesterday, was a typical Monday for around here. It's always my busy workday, with deposits to prepare and banking to do. Emily had a piano lesson, we had two showings for the house, and I drove my aunt to a dr. appointment in Denver. Afterward, she took me and the kids to Applebee's for supper, where she and I toasted the crazy day with a couple of mojitos. We returned to my house, where we laughed off the day, gave each other hugs in the driveway, and she drove off in her car to go home. The kids had gone in the house and soon came running out, announcing that the puppy was gone! He left behind a big hole in the fence that had been previously covered up with bricks and rock.

We calmly formulated a plan to scan the neighborhood, while I was scratching my head wondering how a 13-pound puppy could move 35 lbs of brick and rock. And, yes, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps my prayers had been answered as to what to do about that pesky dog.

Soon, Emily rounded up some neighbor kids to help with the search and had started the requisite sobbing, certain that her dog was gone forever. I called The Dog Catcher aka Animal Control and, as an aside, was surprised that the officer on duty works until 8 p.m. on weekdays? I left her a message and soon after, Luke spotted her truck on our street. We all headed down the street to talk to her, scanning the back of her truck as we approached, only to see empty cages. BUT. . .she had the news that she had picked up our Pesky Puppy only an hour before and taken him to the pound. Which is only a quarter mile from our house. And she would meet us there in 15 minutes to release him. After she went back to her office to get her Recipt Book. For the fine.

I was expecting the fine to be $80, since that's what I paid the last time Abby got out. That is a story in itself. She often escaped our yard when, Lacey, our back-door-neighbor-dog, would break through our fence to our yard, then dig them both out of our side yard. They would run through the neighborhood, free at last. Dan dubbed them Thelma and Louise. But I digress. The Dog Catcher must charge by the pound, because Pesky Puppy's fee was only $35! Oddly, I felt the thrill of having bought something on sale.

Soon, Em and I were on our way to rescue P.P. while Luke was settled in front of the T.V. watching ESPN. I have to admit, the puppy looked a bit bedraggled and happy to see us. I filled out the required paperwork and couldn't help but notice the name and number of the woman who called to report the dog at large. There was also a notation next to her name: "Would be interested in adopting the animal." Nonchalantly, I copied down her name and number.

Today, we'll go to Petco to get a collar that can be worn with the "bark collar" and hold Pesky Puppy's tags. Our dilemma has been that the i.d. tag won't fasten on to his bark collar, which is what he wears when he's outside for long periods of time. Bark collar: $67 on e-bay. New collar: $5.97 at Petco. Fine for animal at large: $35. Look on little girl's face when her puppy is found: Priceless. But I think she would have been just as happy had she found a pet hamster. My family is right. I should have my head examined.


Lynne said...

I love the little green feet on Pesky Puppy!

Judith said...

One simply cannot ignore a "take me home and love me" face like that.

BClark said...

There is absolutly nothing wrong with your head!! You just happened to pick a very high energy dog who needs extra attention and lessons. To have all that love packed in that lil body and brings joy to those precious to you. Not a bad deal at all.

Best to you, Barbara

Sammy said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I'm so glad you found your little puppy! I'm sure he was so happy to see you!

Mmmmmmm, mojitos!

gail@more than a song said...

It's always on a day when you're busy that stuff like this happens isn't it! I always didn't like those fees to get them out of doggie jail as we called it here.
And Lynne is right, look at those green feet!
Mmmm, Applebees sounds good.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh, wow -- you've had a time of it!

violetlady said...

What a dear little puppy. I spent last evening with a friend searching our neighborhood for a runaway dog. What we go through for the little critters.

justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word! Pesky Puppy sure keeps you on your toes. If our Miss Daisy got out and was missing, I'd have to commit my hubby. He would go nuts. No doubt about it. I'm so glad your story had a happy ending. Happy ending, right? LOL