Friday, June 20, 2008

Charming 3 bdrm, 3 ba, 2 car garage

The sign went up yesterday, and now we start the waiting game to see if when the house will sell. The place has never looked better. I've discovered the secret to having a warm, cozy, care-free nest. First, take half your stuff and pack it in boxes and put it in the garage. Then, take half of what's left and throw it out or give it to Goodwill. It's amazing how sparkling my house looks and how quickly I can tidy up! I have half a mind to call Goodwill and tell them to come get what's in the garage. I honestly can't remember what's in most of the boxes out there. It took just 16 years, but we finally replaced the "foggy" window in the master bathroom. We kept saying, let's just wait. Someday we'll replace all the windows in the house. And for 16 years the light bulb at the top of the stairs has been out, but for good reason. When we moved in, Joey was only 3 years old. There are two light fixtures in the hallway and it was way too bright in the evenings to leave both of them on for him. So, we unscrewed one of the bulbs and it's just always been that way. It don't know how long the carpet in Luke's room has carried a red ink stain. (Now 15, he gave up coloring with markers years ago.0 But only $40 later and Larry-the-carpet-guy patched it up as good as new. I'm a bit envious of whomever comes in and falls in love with this place. And I know someone will. The rosebushes are in full bloom. The back screened-in porch has been freshly painted and is especially welcoming on days like today. The kids' rooms are clean and bright, and the beds made up with colored quilts. It will be nice to make a change and find a new place to call home and to make into our own nest. I hope it doesn't take too long. Because as much as I love having our home all nice and clean and fixed up and decluttered, I don't think I can handle this for more than. . . oh, I don't know. . . three more days? I have found that it's easier to keep to a routine with less around. At night, I do one or two loads of laundry, and it is dry and folded and put away in dresser drawers by morning. It's easy to run the vacuum cleaner with less furniture in the rooms. And I didn't go overboard planting flowers this year because I knew I wouldn't want to take a lot of time to care for them, so the few pots of geraniums and the window boxes in the front window look especially cheerful and decorative. As odd as it sounds, I find that I (almost) actually like to clean when there's less around. Yesterday, I was talking on the phone with my friend Kathy and wiping down cupboards at the same time. It was invigorating! I'm kinda liking this new side of me. I could be a clean freak. Like my sister-in-law who cleans when she's bored! She doesn't have a lot of stuff around her house either and she's not even moving. I counted her cookbooks one time (when she wasn't looking) and she has five. One came with my brother, I gave her one, and another came with the stove. Curious, I went home and counted mine. I have thirty-seven. I've tried to part with some of them, but you just never know when you might want to whip some Paella Valenciana from the Mediterranean Taste of the Good Life, or maybe roast a side of beef over a fire as described in Recipes from the Oregon Trail. I can't help myself, I just love to collect cookbooks. Now, they are safely packed away, out of my way, but still comfortably in my possession. Perhaps the key is to find a new home with a 4-car-garage. Three for Dan and one for me. I could store my cookbooks and anything else I can't bear to part with, and still have a sparsely decorated home to boot.


gail@more than a song said...

Congratulations for getting it all done and up for sale! I think you're so right about all the stuff and being easier to clean with less...I need to so get rid of stuff from my house. I hope it sells quickly for you.
I like the idea of a 4 car garage, using part of it to store things! I think I have 30 something cook books too, yikes!

Trailboss said...

Lots of work has been done huh? Are you guys going to stay in the same town? What type of house will you be looking for? In the country or in town?

Becky said...

Soometimes we get things looking so well that we decide we don't want to move after all. Isn't it interesting the way we can just live with certain things, knowing we could fix them if we wanted to?

I guess that is what makes it home.

BClark said...

I am so looking forward to redoing so I have places for stuff. I know that clean feeling, when it is cluttered we don't know where to start. One neat thing is that when you go looking you will have a better idea of what you want. I would be afraid to count my cookbooks, must be at least 100,lol.
Best to you, Barbara

Jen said...

Your dream home is out there and you will sell your have worked hard and God knows this. Have a relaxing have earned it girl.

justabeachkat said...

"I've been there, done that" many, many times over the years. I know exactly how you're feeling. It's really a nice feeling, isn't it? Why, oh why, does it take a move (or a party) to make us do all the "stuff" we keep putting off? I've said many times that I need to plan a big event of some sort at my house about once every 3 months just so I'll get my hiney up and moving. LOL

I hope it sells quickly and you find your next dream home.


Xandra said...

LOL! Sometimes I wish for a little less clutter and a little more time to clean!

I hope your house sells quickly so your guys can get settled into your new digs!


Bev said...

I have a friend who got her house ready to list, and said she could hardly stand to live in it, it had become so neutral. She said soon as she moved she was painting at least one wall red, just so it would feel like her home again. Here's hoping you sell this one quickly and get settled into something that feels completely homey quick.

violetlady said...

Boy, am I envious of your uncluttered home. My husband wants to move, but the thought of it is terrifying. I am a cluttered, disorganized collector. Good luck with the sale. Any pictures of the outside of your home?