Monday, June 16, 2008

For today. . .


Outside My Window. . .It's overcast and cool. Chillier than usual for sitting on the back porch and reading the newspaper, but nothing a cup of coffee can't warm up.

I am thinking. . .I have a few things left on the to-do list and we can put the For Sale sign in the yard. I hope I can get the carpet guy over here to patch the spot in Luke's room that we've always just hidden with the trash can! The interest rates aren't being very kind, but we're so far into preparing for this, we'll see where it goes.

I am thankful for. . .the quiet hours of the early morning when the house is all mine:)

From the kitchen. . .It's just me and the two kids and lots of baseball/softball in the evenings this week. I hope my kitchen doesn't miss me:(

I am wearing. . . my usual uniform of denim capris, sleeveless blouse and sandals.

I am creating . . .a huge mess in the garage, with stacks upon stacks of boxes!

I am going. . . to take Emily to piano lessons this morning and take the van in to get the air conditioning fixed.

I am reading. . . the newspaper when I'm lucky to find a few minutes.

I am hoping. . . it doesn't cost too much to get the AC fixed.

I am hearing. . . baby birds chirping in the bird house from the back yard.
Around the house. . .things are shaping up!

One of my favorite things. . .my rose garden as it comes into bloom.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week. . . softball, baseball, softball, baseball.

Here is a picture I am sharing. . .from my rose garden.

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Jen said...

I love so much checking in with everyone. Your rose is beautiful. I hope your air doesn't cost alot either..we got by with $425...not as bad as we thought....enjoy your day.

Xandra said...

I can just imagine you sitting outside with a slight chill in the air, gripping your cup with both hands as you look out over your backyard and those beautiful roses.

That picture was gorgeous...I could almost smell it!


Susan (momtoH_VandJ) said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your day. I posted my first daybook on June 16 on

BClark said...

I so enjoy my flowers so can share that with you. I have my first rose in bloom and am hoping more are to follow. Hearing you talk about your air problems makes me so grateful for my husband's skills. He always fixes things like that so only costs us parts. He just put a new altenator in $125.00 for the altenator, labor cost... a good lunch,lol. Best of luck with the house sale,your yard in bloom should help bunches. Barbara

gail@more than a song said...

I keep seeing this one and it looks fun to join in! But cloudy and cool there? I need to visit you..sunny, hot and humid in my neck of the woods and it's only June!

justabeachkat said...

Remember me? I've been so bad about blog reading lately...not because I don't want to read, but because of my crazy life recently. Lots of company, which has been wonderful and then all the medical tests,"hoopla", etc. You've been a busy, busy girl. I've really enjoyed reading all your posts I've missed and seeing all your photos.


PEA said...

Always fun to see what you have planned for the day! It's been chillier than usual here too for the last few days...starting to forget what the sun looks like!! I so love your first one just opened yesterday:-) xox

Bill said...

You have a nice balance of peaceful contemplation and busy times.

Trailboss said...

Dropped in to say hi. Very pretty rose young lady. I don't have any rose bushes, never have had any. I'm not sure why because I think they are beautiful. Hmmmmmmm