Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Takes a Detour and other ramblings

On Monday, we woke up to 8 inches of snow. It was the heavy, wet stuff that covered every twig on every branch and piled up high on the bird bath so that it looked like a beautiful white cake on a pedestal plate. By the afternoon, most of it had melted. Yesterday and today were warm and sunny, near 60 degrees and the moisture from the day before had coaxed little green blades of grass to peek up from the ground. The week has been going well. Luke and Em are in school (their spring break is next week), Dan is traveling, and Joe and I are both busy -- me with work, running the other two kids around and my usual volunteer duties, and Joe with dentist and ortho appointments, programming a new laptop and catching up with friends. In between, we've managed to meet for cups of coffee, usual at our kitchen table, and yesterday we both came from opposite ends of town to meet at our favorite sandwich shop. We feasted on the sub sandwiches and diet Dr. Pepper for me, Sprite for him. I finally got to ask all the important questions -- where is your roomate from, does he have brothers and sisters, what's his major and does he study much, what do you usually have to eat in the cafeteria, what are your new friends like, how many times have you really done laundry since you've been up there (twice, when he ran out of clothes). We even talked some more about his classes and profs and who he likes, doesn't like. He seems to like just about everything. When the hour was up, we both ran off in separate directions. This afternoon, after the younger two got home from school, the boys and I were stretched out in the living room while Em was playing on the computer. In hushed tones, they spilled the beans on some things they have observed about her -- music she's listening to that she shouldn't be -- and admonished me for letting her stay on the computer too long and talk on the phone too much. I listened, exhausted, but with interest. Ten years ago I thought it divine intervention that we were blessed with a third baby, and a girl at that. Lately, I'm thinking that God is having the last laugh, and it's a cruel joke to have a pre-menopausal almost-50-year-old sharing a house with a pre-pubescent almost 10-going-on-16-year-old. Some days, when the hormones are running rampant, I wonder which one of us is going to be knocked down first. Tonight, I went to my book club meeting, (we are officially the Book Bags), where we discussed When Crickets Cry, by Charles Martin. Lynne did a review on this book months ago and I loved it. So did all the other Book Bags. Our selection for next month is Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Since there was a "buy one get one half off" deal at Border's, I also picked up Elizabeth Berg's Dream When You're Feeling Blue. So, I have two brand new books to add to my ever-growing stack, and all is right with the world. I think I'll call it a night.


Xandra said...

Sounds like you are having a busy week! I hope that my kids will want to chat over coffee and open up to me when they get older.....


annie said...

I had to laugh reading Karen, kids!

Becky said...

I need to find me a book club. I would love to do that with a group of women.

Have you joined Katrina's spring challenge for reading? I did it last year and it is up again. Not sure if I will participate or not. I just never seem to have enough time for the extra blogging things.

I love your post, Karen. It is such a great one for a mom to read. The kids in their different stages. My older boys have talked to me the same way about their younger brother from time to time. It is funny to me that they are worried over their brother about the very things I used to worry about over them.

Life cycles.

gail@more than a song said...

I always thought my youngest son just never washed clothes during a semester b/c he seemed to bring home a mountain of laundry! I think when he ran out is when he was forced to.
Sounds like a busy but fun week at your place.
A book club sounds like a fun thing too!

Robin said...

As a mom of four daughters, let me just tell you - you are going to make it! And when you do, that daughter is going to change from being a hormonal raging emotionally charged young girl to a lovely young woman who will be your best friend and your proudest achievement. And you will thank God every single day for trusting you with such a precious, precious gift.
These are the things I keep telling myself since I have one daughter left at home - LOL!

Bill said...

Thanks for catching us up on the happenings across the fence. It sounds like your daughter has two caring brothers!

I'm currently reading a book about the Confederate Navy's operations on the James River. Did you know that the Rebel Navy's HQ was Richmond VA? Me neither. The book serves two purposes:
•teaches me things I did not know
•puts me to sleep quickly at night
But it's written by a friend from high school, so I'll keep plugging away.

BClark said...

Sounds like everyone is enjoying Spring Break, great!! Many times I wish I had those days back, so enjoy.

Karen said...

Hormones.....I can sooooo relate!
Trying to catch up this week on my blogging buddies! Have a blessed week!

Jen said...

8 inches of I know you are ready for spring time. Madison turned 11 earlier this month so I totally get the wrong music and too much time on the computer. Sometimes I get so worn down from it all. I'm glad you have your kids this past week. Out Spring Break isn't until the first week of April. Hope you had a nice Easter.