Friday, February 8, 2008

Blogging Awards & Tags

It's time to do some housekeeping around here and get caught up with some of my friends. In the past few weeks, I've been given two blogging awards. The first is from my friend, Xandra. I love this button and the sentiment behind it. I think you're loveable, too, Xandra! I know I sure love reading your blog!

And this one is from Lynne, and it's just the friendliest button don't you think? Because "daisies are just the friendliest flowers, don't you think?" (Meg Ryan, You've Got Mail).

I can't wait to put both of these buttons on my sidebar. As soon as I figure out how to size them correctly. One of the disadvantages to having had a blog designed professionally is that I have a heck of a time making changes on the sidebar. If anyone has any tips, I'd sure appreciate it. I guess I could check out Blogging 101, too, if I wasn't so lazy! Anyway, I cleaned house a few months back and removed some of the old stuff. So it will be nice to have some new things to spruce it up a bit! Thanks, gals!

And Tristi has tagged me for a meme. It's great timing, because I just haven't had the heart for blogging this week. Real life has been sapping my energy, so it's nice to do this and have a chance to reflect on why I love blogging so much. Thanks, Tristi!

Here goes:

How long have you been blogging? One year next week! I have an anniversary coming up:)

What inspired you to start your blog, and who are your mentors? Wow, Tristi, I'm so flattered that you named me for this;) I can't, for the life of me, figure out how I even learned about blogging. I must have been surfing around and just fell into this big old pond. The bloggers who I feel inspired me to start my own are Bev at Scratchin' the Surface, her sister, Barb, at A Chelsea Morning, and Lynne at Lynne's Little Corner of the World.

Are you trying to make money online, or are you doing it just for fun? I can't imagine getting paid for this. I know there are blogs that generate a lot of traffic that get paid for advertising, but I do this just for fun.

What three things do you love about being online?

1. I would agree with Tristi, I love the social network. Since I'm a work-from-home/stay-at-home mom, I started my blog as a way of meeting other moms in the "cyberspace neighborhood", so we can chat and exchange ideas. Kind of the old-timey way of chatting over the back yard fence.

2. I love creating my own little "newsletter" about what's going on in my life. When I had a "real" job, it was largely creating publications and communications materials for a company. I loved the human element of my job, writing articles about employees. I guess that's more of a response to why I like to blog than to be online.

3. As for being on line, I'm not a techie-type person at.all. But it just thrills me that I can do this! I can put photos on my blog, I can change the font when I want to, I can add cool colors, I can even emphasize my point. Wow, I'm getting so good at all this.

Chat and IM?I don't chat or IM. I'd rather talk on the phone if I'm going to have a direct conversation with someone. I've turned off the IM feature online because it's like being a slave to the telephone. I don't want to answer it just because it's ringing.

I'm going to tag a few of the people that I visit everyday. Play along if you want to -- no obligation! Xandra, Lynne, Kim,


kris said...

Hi Karen - I love your awards - they look cool and great sentiments - you deserve them both. I enjoyed reading your meme answers - I agree with what you wrote 100%.

I just picked up The Jane Austen Book Club - was reading the back cover - and the name Kathy BAKER jumped off the page at me. I knew immediately that I had written the wrong name on my blog post. I put Kathy Bates - sorry!! If you see the movie, I don't think Kathy Baker's character will disappoint!!

Xandra said...

I am so with you on the sidebar thing! I love my new blog design, but I have a really hard time putting things in my sidebar so that they will fit correctly. I am no HTML genius, and most of my success is due to luck! When you find out how to do it, just let me know!


Jen said...

Very cool. I loved you rewards and enjoyed the meme. I love blogging..sometimes I take a small break but I really do enjoy it.

Karen said...

Congratulations! You are very deserving of these!
I don't do a lot of changing around on my blog, I just do the things I can get by with. ;o)
My girls do the techie stuff for me. But I kind of like it plain, anyway.

justabeachkat said...

Congrats on your awards! Loved reading your meme.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Thanks for playing, Karen!

And those are two of the cutest awards I've seen. I'm afraid, though, that I have no idea how to resize them.

Bill said...

I'd say both blog awards suit you perfectly!
I can only sympathize with you about that sidebar. There are things I've wanted to add to mine, but they were too big, and I don't know how to resize the html stuff. I'm not much of a techie...a lot of times I bypass my Kitchenaid mixer for a plain old wooden spoon.

violetlady said...

Hi, Karen,

I have been out of the blog world lately am now catching up with great ones, like yours.
I am giving you an award. Check it out!

gail@more than a song said...

Yay for your awards! I can't help on the sidebar stuff, I still have to get Stacy to do most of mine!
Enjoyed reading your answers and the blogs you mentioned. One year coming up, wow! This has been a fun one to read when I've seen it passing around.