Friday, January 18, 2008

Too tired to think of a title

Remember the commercial years ago that showed the fried egg and it said, 'this is your brain on drugs'? Right now, I feel like my brain is scrambled eggs. Tomorrow morning, Joe and I are flying up to Washington state, so he can start college on Tuesday. This past week has been re-e-eally busy. I think between the two of us, we've washed every item of clothing that he owns. We shopped for the extra-long bedsheets that dorm beds require plus a few other things that he wants to be sure he has, and not risk not being able to find them up there. He has done the lion's share, getting medical forms copied, transcripts sent, appointments made for when he arrives on campus and packing four suitcases to the point of busting the zippers. In between getting him ready, I have had a bagillion tons of work to do, hosted a family dinner and had to reach wa-a-ay back in my brain to remember 5th grade math, as Dan (the math person in the family) has been out of town.

I'm tired. I still have to pack. I'm also really excited for Joe, and kinda weepy, at the same time. You moms out there all get it, I know you do. And I'm really looking forward to Sunday afternoon when, before I head home, I get to meet one of my best blogging buds in person! That would be Kim at Mom Musings. And I know that if I'm sniffly and puffy-eyed she'll understand, because she's sent a couple kids off to college already.

I'm going to get packing because after that, we're going to watch Part II of Comanche Moon -- the prequel to Lonesome Dove, which was a great mini-series.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and I'll be back in a couple days!


kim said...

Hi Karen--

I have been thinking of you all week--knowing you would be busy, busy, busy! This is such a sweet time of life, but you are right, I will so totally understand your puffy eyes!
Don't forget to take my phone numbers!

justabeachkat said...

Oh, I sooo remember when we took our youngest away to college. I kept trying to think of just the right things to say to her before we drove off. I couldn't get out a word. They were stuck in my throat. Now my husband said the wisest thing in just three words "make good choices". Wow, that applies to everything in life.

Have a safe trip.


Scrappy Kay said...

Good luck, and God bless you, Karen!

Lynne said...

Have a safe trip. Joe will do just fine - you've raised him right.

Jo and JD said...

I have to tell you that the day I sent my first born off to college was one of the worse days of my life. Even though she was just a 1 1/2 hour drive away didn't mean a thing to me...she wasn't upstairs sleeping in her own bed at night. It was even to the point where grocery shopping would find me in a aisle filled with her favorite food items teary eyed and miserable. The good news is that yes...."this too passed" but it wasn't any fun waiting for that to happen. You are certainly in my thoughts while you deal with this.

Becky said...

I said the same thing to my boys everytime they walked out the door of our home since they started walking out the door of our home, "I love you! Remember who you are!"

I never want them to forget that the name they carry is not just theirs. The choices they make are a reflection on us, and on their God.

Kudos to Joe! It will be great. And you will see ... it will even be great for you because you will see your son as he was raised to be ... an independent young man out to make a difference in his world.

Go, Joe, Go!!

Cheers! And happy trails.

Now take a nap!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, this must be such a hard time for you. Hope it all goes well, and you have a safe trip too. Take care!!!


BClark said...

Kinda bitter sweet moments, proud and sad. My oldest lives in Bremerton and he loves Washington state so I think your kiddo will be fine. Oh, fyi, Lands'End often has the dorm sheets, you can order and have them delivered to him.
Best to you, Barbara

annie said...

That is so cool you and Kim get to meet (or maybe already have)... give each other a hug from me!

When my oldest brother left home my mom was ironing and I noticed her eyes were swollen... I was clueless and believed her when she said she had allergies :)

Jen said...

I so hope you have safe trip. And I so hope things get better. I haven't sent any children off to college..but I know I will one day. Hang in there.

gail@more than a song said...

Oh Karen, I bet you've had a fun and sad weekend all in one. I so remember taking my first off to college, I was a basket case. I hope everything is going ok for y'all.
And YAY for getting to meet Kim! I hope you show pictures and tell us all about it!