Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting the job done

This morning I woke up, ready to take on the challenge that had been weighing heavily on my mind for months. True, it's only three days until Thanksgiving and I have a gazillion things I could be doing. But sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And the spirit was moving me, so I went for it. I painted the powder room. I started at 11:00 and by 4:30 had stripped off the old wallpaper border, been to Home Depot for paint, put the switch plate covers back on and cleaned up all the rollers and brushes. Hubs came home, took a big whiff and looked around. "What got painted?" He's used to this. It's something that we've become accustomed to in our marriage. You see, ours is a mixed marriage. He's an engineer. He specializes in quality processing. When he does a project it is well planned, carefully executed and usually turns out pretty darn near perfect. I, on the other hand, live by a motto that says, "Get 'er done and a blind man will be only too glad to see it." In 23 years, we've learned to compromise. Mostly, we don't do projects together. And when we do, whoever is the project leader calls the shots. For instance, last Saturday was Family Leaf Raking Day. There was much forethought that went into this activity (as you can tell it was his project), long before the day arrived. For several weeks, the trees in our yard were studied and evaluated to predict the optimum day for the most productive leaf raking. We want the trees as bare as possible -- but it has to be before the first snowfall, because. . .well, you know what it's like to rake wet leaves. It's really yucky. On the day of, my sun-sensitive, fearless Leaf Hunter was clad in his safari-style Tilly hat, armed with the leaf blower and the course of action was set. He would take charge of the perimeter of the yard and flush out the offending foliage. The rest of us, clad in gloves, sweatshirts and armed with rakes and bags would take the middle. As Hubs was working away to the din of the leaf blower and whistling to the tune played by his ipod, I was organizing the troops to rake, bag, rake, bag -- stop fighting -- rake, bag, rake. . .get busy! Wait. What's wrong with this picture? Dan! It's not working! You need to get over here and organize the troops! He's oblivious and I'm getting irritated. The back of my neck feels hot and prickly and I slowly edge my way to the back of the yard with a plan of escape. I'll hop the fence and run around the block to the front of the house and slip inside for a cup of tea. With that, I hear leaves crunching behind me, and my fearless Leaf Hunter is approaching, offering me one of the earbuds to his ipod. We both listen to Josh Turner singing Would You Go With Me. In his deep bass voice that is the first reason I fell in love with him, Hubs sings along . . . "If I gave you my hand would you take it and make me the happiest man in the world. . . " And, oh dang it, I can't be mad anymore. By the end of the afternoon, we filled 24 bags of leaves to take to recycling. The powder room is a beautiful shade called Bleached Denim and he swears he likes it. After 23 years, I think we work pretty darn well together.


Becky said...

Ah! This is such a great post, Karen. I loved this story. The two of you were made for each other!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Karen said...

Oh, yeah. This is pretty much how it is at our home too. My honey has learned over the years as well, not to try to change me. It works for us. ;0)
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Midlife Cycler said...

That was a great morning story with my coffee...better than reading the paper!

Have a great Thanksgiving...oh, and who's organizing the job of dinner preparation??? :)

Jen said...

My meme is up girl....happy Thanksgiving!

Robin said...

"Get 'er done and a blind man will be only too glad to see it".

Crack me up!!LOL!!LOL!!

You are so funny and you are married to one VERY CLEVER man - he know exactly how to win you over!

Christie Belle said...

Awww! That is sooo sweet! Y'all definately sound like a perfect match for each other. Plus I'm glad that the powder room turned out nicely:) Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

BClark said...

Oh, boy, Karen, can I relate to this. My husband makes a big production of things. Me, the mood strikes me and I strike back. You do not want to look at the wall behind a picture I hang, there may be more then one hole,lol.

Wonderful Thanksgiving to you, and thank you for the laugh. I like that quote.


justabeachkat said...

Hope your Thanksgiving is, fun, filled with love and many happy memory making moments.


Bill said...

Who knew ipods could be so romantic?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Post some pictures, okay?

gail@more than a song said...

Cute story, glad you shared it!
That's a lot of leaves you guys bagged up and I know painting is work. I hope you've got pics to show us later!
Happy Thanksgiving Karen.

Lynne said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

maddy said...

Sounds like a very good way of compromising, although I don't think it would work for us.
Best wishes and happy thanksgiving

kim said...

What a great post Karen! Your marriage sounds like mine--I let Kerry do the painting in the house because he is quite particular in how it is done! We have leaves in our yard but not 23 bags! Yikes! I wished we lived close together, I think we could be "couple friends"! You guys seem like such a fun family. :)

I hope you Thanksgiving was wonderful and you are enjoying your Friday!