Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween shrapnel . . .

. . .seems to be all over the house.
Girl Child went trick-r-treating and came home with a pillowcase full of candy. Boy #2 was not allowed to go trick-r-treating, for reasons I shall not go into. So, the Girl Child has all the candy. She told me she's going to take this opportunity to "train him." This is what I've been hearing the last couple days.
"Luke, it's my turn on the computer."
"I need a couple more minutes."
"Do you want a Snicker's bar?". . . . . . . .
"Luke, can I watch my show on TV?"
"But the game isn't over yet."
"How many Milky Ways do you want?"
I call it bribery, but she thinks she training him. Whatever. . . there's been a lot less bickering around here lately, and I'm glad for that!


Brittanie said...

Lol. I do not have children yet but that is so funny. :)
Thanks for visiting my site.

freetofly said...

How cute! My honey & I have been married for almost 24 yrs, and my youngest son is 14. So, we have that in common! But, we are BRAVES fans! I feel your pain! At least they got to make the trip! It is a huge accomplishment to make it to the series!

See ya!

kim said...

I am splitting a gut laughing at this post. She definitely is holding all the power right now. :) That picture of empty candy wrappers on the piano is a repeat scene all over MY house. My Sam is so lazy when it comes to throwing away garbage. I finally had had it today, and told him for every wrapper I pick up he would have to give me a piece of his candy for me to throw away! Every year for a month after Halloween, (yes, he stretches his candy out for that long), whenever I pick up a load of his jeans to put in the washer I can hear massive amounts of wrappers krinkling--Argh!

Jen said...

I'm laughing right now.....too cute.

Bill said...

What a hoot. Girl Child will go far in life.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Love the idea of "training him" :) At least they are getting along!

gail@more than a song said...

Tee hee, TOO funny! Good for her!