Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Goblins, turkeys, teenagers

Oh dear, the Snickers and Milky Way supply has been depleted.
Now, we're back to this. . .
This also means that Halloween is over -- except for the candy that's still in the pillowcase, but it's the stuff none of us like, so we won't be sneaking into her room to raid the stash where it's hidden under her bed.
And the holiday season has unofficially begun. Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, and if you're cooking dinner like I am, that's not very long. I've put away the ghosts, witches and goblins decor, packed away the costume box, and the jack-o-lantern on the front porch went in the trash last weekend, much to the dismay of the squirrels who were feasting on the remnants. In my "spare time" (what's that?) this week, I'm cleaning and clearing out so that there will be room for Christmas decorations in a few weeks. Meantime, I'll set a few ceramic turkeys out, and keep lighting my fall candles each evening, because there's nothing that says fall like the smell of Yankee Candle's Harvest Festival scent. And as much as I love Christmas, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, so I don't want to rush past it. In fact, I don't want to rush anything these days. I want to savor each day, discovering new things that I'm thankful for, to add to my sidebar each day. Today I'm thankful for teenagers. Yes, teenagers. As maddening and crazy as life can be with them, it's like that toddler stage where you can see them growing and changing before your eyes. Granted, it's often three steps forward, two steps back. Sometimes it doesn't seem much different from toddlerhood except now instead of saying, "Are you sure you don't have to go potty?" I'm saying, "Are you sure you got your homework done?" I know, they're supposed to be learning self-discipline and consequences and all that stuff. But, once again they're at a stage where their bodies are changing faster than they can keep up with in their minds, and you still have to ride herd on them, so to speak.
So, how did I go from Halloween to turkeys to teenagers -- oh, there's the connection. Sorry, folks, I haven't had my coffee yet, can you tell?


Becky said...

No, I can't tell. You sound perfectly lucid to me. Just like a mom watching time fly a bit quickly.

Enjoy the season, Karen! I plan to as well.

Karen said...

Your plans sound perfect! Don't rush Thanksgiving. Last year we did b/c Jason was leaving, and we wanted to give him a long Christmas season to remember. This year, my turkeys will remain out through Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Time does fly so quickly. Enjoy those teens.

gail@more than a song said...

Cute picture of your kids! I think teenagers is a good thing to be thankful for, it can be a very fun time. And good to enjoy it all because it does pass too quickly. There are days (just some days) that I sorta wish to have teenagers back home again!

Robin said...

I totally agree with savoring Thanksgiving. It all goes so fast. We need to appreciate each and every day and the gifts God provides in them.
You go girl!

Christie Belle said...

Goodness, it seems so unreal that Christmas is so close and Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away!!! I love this time of year though, so I'm excited, and I actually have over half of my Christmas shopping done already!

Anyways, trying to catch up a little, I saw I missed Joe's birthday...hope it was a wonderful one for him! Oh, your "Halloween Shrapnel" post had me cracking up;o)

Midlife Cycler said...

I need some of your humor,...can you come over to my blog and do some of the posts :)


annie said...

Hey Karen! I feel like the holidays are pushing me through days too fast (yikes)! Santa is already at the mall!!! HELLO! Santa should clearly be guiding the elves in present making for at least another few weeks! It's just not right... neither is the 29.99 price tag to have your pic with the jolly old guy.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to try to make it work (in the words of Tim Gunn) until my laptop is back in working order.

justabeachkat said...

Good post Karen. Being thankful is wonderful...yes even teenagers are something to be thankful for. Before you know it they'll be away at college.


Bill said...

I have no doubt that your home will be warm and welcoming during the upcoming holidays. I'll bet I could gain 10 pounds in one sitting if I could pop in during your T-Day dinner.

When you have a moment, drop in for a visit. I posted a recipe for a quick, easy, foolproof coffee cake - the title is Buttermilk.

Jen said...

Very well put. I love Thanksgiving too. One of my favorites. Good post.