Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween memories

Let's join Annie for Time Travel Tuesday. This week we're traveling back to our most memorable Halloween. Did you dress up and go door to door growing up? What was your favorite costume?
Halloween was always a lot of fun when I was growing up. It was a neighborhood activity with everyone dressing up and going out trick-r-treating as a big group. We always made our costumes, or I should say my mom made our costumes. I can remember one year I was the Flying Nun. My mom was so creative. She used a white sheet and made the dress, and then took white poster board and made the perfect hat with the "wings." Another year I was a pioneer girl. It wasn't your typical Halloween costume, but I loved that era and my mom made me a bonnet, a long skirt with an apron and a peasant blouse. One year, we were short on time so I was a "lady ghost" -- the old white sheet with the eyes cut out, and then I wore a fancy hat, pearls, high heels, and carried a pocket book. Dressing up was the best part, but going out for candy was a close second. We would go for blocks and blocks, then come home, sort everything out and start "trading." My favorites were the Mary Jane peanut butter taffy bites. Still are!
I don't remember doing much for Halloween as a teenager, but when I got into college it was always fun to dress up and go to parties. Dan and I used to go to Halloween parties when we first met. Now, it's all about the kids, and that's a lot of fun, too! Dan has taken over the pumpkin carving, which is fine with me. We usually go to the pumpkin farm nearby, but this year I picked one up at the grocery store. Tonight one of the neighbor kids came over to help carve, then she and Emily made caramel apples. Then we all feasted on them while watching Dancing With the Sta


gail@more than a song said...

Your mom does sound like she was creative!
We'll be at church for a function this year and I don't have much candy to hand out at all so I'll have to cut the lights off after this little bit is gone.

Nancy Face said...

Such fun memories! Your costumes sound like they were great! I always really liked dressing up and getting lots of candy, too! :)

kim said...

...sigh...reading your post just made me want to say, "those were the days"! I loved the era I grew up in--even though it was the turbulent 60's and 70's, I guess I was shielded by most of that turmoil! Lovely memories you shared--

Midlife Cycler said...

Halloween was fun back then. Seems like there are so many precautions today that kids have to take.

My boys are older so we dont do the pumpkin thing anymore. Our town always sends the kids out the Sunday before...so, tonight will be quiet around here.

Have a good day!

Jen said...

Great memories. Alot of fun. It sounds you guys had loads of Halloween fun.

Robin said...

I love how creative your mom was. I remember that kids with moms who could sew always had the best costumes!

Karen said...

Great memories, Karen! My mom made my costumes too. I think I remember the witch one the most because I had the rubbery green witch mask to go with it.....complete with a huge crooked nose and wart! hee hee! Too bad it's not like it used to be then. I could walk the streets of my neighborhood after dark, and my parents weren't worried about my safety at all. Much nicer times.

annie said...

Thanks for sharing your halloween memories Karen!!!

Midlife Cycler said...

My favorite candy as a kid were the whoppers!

I made dishcloths for my mother in law and sister in law last year for Christmas and they never used them! I warned them I was coming over and throwing them in a sinkful of water!


justabeachkat said...

Happy Halloween!

Fun memories...thanks for sharing.

Halloween Hugs To You!

Bill said...

My mom did the homemade costume thing, too. I'm so grateful that my trick-or-treat years were in the 60's, and we could roam the neighborhood safely. Speaking of gratitude, November is Gratitude month, and I'm thankful that we have found each other's blogsites, Karen. I'll bet our moms would have been best friends if we'd grown up in the same neighborhood.

Lynne said...

I don't remember too many costumes from when I was a child, except for a devil costume where my grandmother stuffed the tail so it wouldn't just "hang" there. I remember going out and walking all over, going to the Rectory at the church where the nuns would give us really good candy. One house we went to where the lady had a bowl of dimes. We were allowed to keep all that we could grab with one hand. We used to "exercise" our hands so that we could grab a big handful.